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Are you looking to move your inventory internationally? Do you need professional help with high-quality shipping and storage of your inventory? If you do, Boueri Freight Services are here to help. We are the moving and shipping company that offers various solutions for your inventory. If you are moving your small business or a corporate company to Lebanon or out of the country, we are here to take care of your shipment. Moreover, our company’s goal is to create safe and effective freight transportation of your belongings. No matter the size and the nature of your inventory, our Lebanon storage solutions are here for your convenience.

With our shipping and Lebanon storage services, you will not have to worry about losing one of your packages. Our computerized system allows you to track your inventory throughout the entire shipping process. From packing to storing, you can let us handle your shipment every step of the way. Take a look at why our storage Beirut and Lebanon storage solutions are the best solution for your international move.

Why should you choose our Lebanon storage services?

If you haven’t found the right storage company for your inventory, let us explain what we can offer you.

  • Our Lebanon storage services are versatile. You can choose the exact storage unit or a warehouse that will suit your needs. By letting us know what you need to ship and store, we will make sure to find the best solution.
  • You can get our storage service at a competitive price. Our Lebanon storage solutions are one of the best in the country, and we always make sure to meet our clients’ expectations.
Lebanon storage
Each client gets a tailored moving solution
  • Let us know when and where you need to store your inventory, and we’ll make it happen. With the network of storage units and warehouses we have, we are glad to offer you the best solution for your inventory.
  • Our Lebanon storage services don’t have hidden costs. We appreciate your time and money. You can expect us to let you know all your storage costs in advance.
  • We make sure to adjust our service to every individual client. Let us suggest the best solution for your shipment or moving situation.
  • Your inventory is safe in one of our storage units and warehouses. If you need additional packing and crating service, we will make sure to secure your inventory for the storing.
  • Our Lebanon storage service relies on technology. We offer computerized inventory and online tracking systems for your inventory. You can know where your inventory is in every moment.

Storage services we offer

At Boueri Freight Services, we make sure to understand the needs of every individual client. That is why we try to think of the best solution for your business and residential inventory. Our Lebanon storage services are fully insured and cost-efficient. Whether you need temporary storage for your household belongings or you need a large warehouse for your company’s inventory, we can help. Take a look at what our storage services include:


If you are in need of a warehouse or a storage unit, you can rely on our Lebanon storage solutions. Moreover, if you need to store any inventory, we can help you find the best solution. Our warehouse facilities are fully insured and secure. We can also help you with the management of hazardous cargo. With Boueri Freight Services, you can track and check all the details of your cargo and its delivery timeline.

warehouse loading
If you are renting a storage unit, you can count on our Lebanon storage solutions.

Inventory control

Our storage in Beirut offers a complete inventory control system at all times. Whatever you need to store, you can be sure to track your inventory by using our computerized tracking system. With us, your belongings will be safe and taken care of.

Packing, crating and labeling

We can say that we’re very proud of our packing and crating services Lebanon. Unlike many other shipping and storage companies, we offer to secure your inventory fully. If you need to pack or crate fragile items, we can do it for you. It doesn’t matter what sort of inventory you need to store. We can make sure to secure and label it before shipping into a storage unit.

Cargo insurance

At Boueri Freight Services, we know how valuable your time and money is. Our goal is to prevent any damage or loss of inventory before and while it’s in the storage. Our storage Beirut includes cargo insurance for any type of inventory you need to store.

Shipping and storing of fine art and furniture

Whether you need to store antique furniture from your home or store fragile pieces of your office furniture, we can help. Let us pack, secure, ship and store any sort of fine art and furniture you need help with.

Let us ship, move and store your inventory

At our moving and shipping company, our goal is to provide exceptional service and support clients with our service. Boueri Freight Services offers a wide range of moving, fright and storage services. We are continually searching for the best solutions in order to maintain our customers’ satisfaction.

shipping container
With Boueri Freight Services all your needs will be accommodated

Our international moving services Lebanon are intended for everyone who needs a fully inclusive suite of freight services for any type of inventory. Moreover, we can move, ship and store inventory for residents and corporate company owners. With Boueri Freight Services, you can expect efficiency, professionalism and quick response to your needs. Our company has years of experience in creating nationwide logistics solutions for moving and shipment. If you need to move your home, store extra belongings for a while or ship your company’s inventory, we can help. You can count on our Lebanon storage services, so give us call today!

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