Freight Forwarding

Boueri Freight Services are specialized in arranging storage and shipping services. Our full range of freight forwarding services includes preparation of shipping and export documents, safe warehousing, tracking, booking cargo space, freight consolidation, cargo insurance, air, sea, and land freight services.

Why should you use freight forwarders Lebanon?

With Boueri Freight Services you can count on excellent and reliable freight forwarding services. We can save you from wasting your times and fortune on shipping your cargo by land, sea or air. Our goal is to protect you from the potential headaches while providing you with reliable and safe transportation of your products, at competitive rates.

Using our company is very helpful when you need resources and international transportation of goods. There are many advantages of using our freight forwarders Lebanon:

  • Customs Clearance
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Air freight services
  • Sea freight forwarding
  • Land Freight
  • Project Cargo
  • Fine art transportation

It is most common that people do not know what freight forwarding is. More so is this present with people who do not use English as their mother tongue. So, before we get into the matter and present freight forwarders Lebanon, we need to explain and understand what freight forwarding is.

So, where do we begin? For decades now importing and exporting has been a very lucrative way for many businesses to grow. Furthermore, many businesses have been created that specialize in providing import and export services. So, if you are wondering, this could also be a brilliant opportunity for you and your business.

Still, if you google it and try to figure out how it all works on your own you might get petrified. Worse then a gaze of a Meduza, the amount of paperwork and regulations can truly be daunting. But this shouldn’t be discouraging for you because this is why freight forwarders Lebanon are here for. We are here to take on all the dreadful aspects of it so that you can be a successful international shipper without getting caught up in all the logistic processes.

We will explain what freight forwarding is, what one freight forwarder does and why you should look into hiring freight forwarders Lebanon. Rest assured, if you decide to take work in this direction, hiring us will be one of the best decisions you will have ever made!

What do freight forwarders Lebanon do?

In short, we take care of all the dreadful paperwork. However, there is much more to it than that. Arranging international shipping is not that simple of a process. It has many important elements that go into it. On the other hand, there is a long list of things a freight forwarder does not do, and it is important to understand this as well. You do not want to rely on your freight forwarder to do everything for you, and then find out that we do not cover every aspect. This is best communicated ahead of time.

No matter what type of shipping you want to use, the paperwork you need for it is done by us
You decide the type of transportation for your freight and we take care of paperwork

The most important thing your freight forwarder does not do: we do not move the freight itself. This is probably the most important thing for you to understand. We act as a so-called middleman between the one who ships items and the transportation services (i.e. Ocean Shipping, Trucking, etc.). So, we do not transport and take care of the freight. We take care of everything but that. But we do it very good.

In other words, we are your shipping agent. We take care of all the tedious work while you take care of the fun stuff. We will have established relationships with all sorts of carriers, be it by air, road or sea. This will make everything that much easier for you since you will not have to dabble in figuring out who provides the best solution. All you need to do is do business, trade and organize exports or imports. We facilitate everything else.

Why use our services vs do it yourself?

The reasons are plenty. We will present a few reasons why freight forwarders Lebanon are the solution to problems you didn’t know you have.

The first and possibly most important thing is the fact that we save a lot of time. We become a very important asset in the way you do business. A lot of potential headaches are saved, and you do not have to force yourself to learn things you otherwise don’t need. We are here to do the, figure of speech, heavy lifting in your sted.

When you use freight forwarders Lebanon, you can be assured that you won't be losing time by waiting for paperwork
Getting paperwork done on time means that your freight will be moving instead of sitting in a warehouse

Any company dealing in international trading and transportation of goods considers a freight forwarder as an incredible asset. This is more so when in-house resources are not really aligned towards international shipping procedures. Which, fortunately, or not, most companies do not have. And why should they? If you compare the amount of time and money you would have to invest in order to train people in-house to do all this versus the investment in an external freight forwarder the math is simple. Plus, if you would attempt to do it in-house many issues and mistakes could occur. Mistakes you can’t afford to make.

Advantages of using freight forwarders Lebanon

The advantages are plenty, however, we will discuss a few that actually matter the most. At least in our opinion.

  • Our freight forwarding services cover a wider portfolio or services that take plenty of your plate. These ancillary services include insurance, customs documentation, and transportation contingency plans.
    These could take a lot of time to sort out if need be. insurance is something that is imperative with any type of transport due to the value of the goods transported. If anything was to go wrong this insurance would compensate for everything, not damaging your business flow in any way. Customs documentation is a dreadful task because each country’s customs will have different rules and regulations. Following up on all of this could take a significant amount of time.
  • We offer consolidators as well as single shippers. This means that we cover everything from bills of landing, warehousing, risk evaluations and risk management, various methods of international payment, etc.
    These are all complimentary services that accompany every import and export process, that many fail to realize and acknowledge. With our services, you can continue to disregard them since we will take care of everything for you!

    All of the additional services you require we can offer them to you
    Moving your things in and out of warehouses in a jiffy is our specialty
  • We offer distinct personal communication and impeccable customer service. So, each time you would be in doubt or have concerns we would be there to clarify everything and allow you to move on without any issues.

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