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We dedicate 100 percent of ourselves to our worldwide trading partners and clients through the delivery of superior services. We make it our goal to enhance our trading partners’ quality, performance and profitability with the practice of innovative, adaptive and safe logistics solutions on a global scale.

Complete devotion and premium service in the logistics and transportation industry.

Boueri Freight Services is a company with a long tradition of operating within the global logistics industry. Our clients and associates know us and rely on us for expert and high-level expertise for all their logistics needs.

We are a trusted company that is always willing to go the extra mile to secure the complete satisfaction of our partners and customers. With decades worth of experience, a trained staff of capable employees, and top-of-the-line equipment and global resources – we are the definite choice for any international shipping or freight forwarding need you might have.

Matters of the Heart

Lena Boueri
Lena Boueri

Sometimes the cargo business is about making a lot of money, other times it is about following others into the business.

Every once in a while, you come across somebody who tells you that they want to build something and succeed in this business, and right away you can tell that it is a matter of the heart.

Partner and Managing Director of Boueri Freight Services of Beirut, Lena Boueri had spent some years away from her native Lebanon, optimizing her great training and love of financials as a top-notch investment banker for JP Morgan, based in New York City’s financial district.

For Lena, however, the fast track to the top of one industry resulted in a fork in the road, which led off in a new direction when her father passed away and left his Beirut-based company, Boueri Freight Services, in limbo with no one to succeed him at the top.

Lena said that her brother and sister had no interest in Boueri Freight Services, but something inside of her, like that line in the Beatles’ song, said:
“Get back to where you once belonged.”

And so she did, returning to lead a company that her Dad began in 1972, just before the terrible Civil War took out the Beirut that many still longingly refer to as “The Paris of the Middle East.”
“My Dad began this company when Beirut was on top, and all through the destruction and revival of the past years he stayed in business with great determination, market savvy, and a fine list of business partners in both ocean and air.
     “I just could not let the legacy of my father and the resource that is his very fine forwarding company go away,” Lena said.
     “Boueri is and has always been in my mind and in my heart.
     “That is just the way it is,” she said softly.

Lena was at CNS Partnership a couple weeks ago, looking for a few good partners. Her financial background and sense for world markets have taught her that seeking the right connections will help accelerate Boueri forward.
“We are a privately-held company.
     “Boueri is headquartered in downtown Beirut (the Boueri Building has two other branches in Lebanon and representation in New York).
 “We enjoy long-term relationships with global partners and agents worldwide.
     “We think our advantage is with the Boueri company’s recognition & brand awareness.
     “Driven by expertise and a highly knowledgeable workforce, our executive management (which includes myself and others here) is actively involved in every process, every day.
     “Boueri brings faster and more personalized services than the competition, including the same contact person for each shipment.”
     “We are all about service reliability and ethics,” said Lena.
“We have a company-owned packing and consolidation facility.
     “Everything we do is driven by our a fully automated PO management and tracking system, which provides real time data, tracking, and reports,” Lena said, adding:
Maybe most importantly of all, we want your business!
Works for us.

Great Traders—Lebanon Forever!
Great Traders—Lebanon Forever! Pictured at a New York city meeting in 1984 (center) the legendary Salim Salaam, chairman and chief executive officer, Middle East Airlines and far left Ansel E. Talbert, our executive editor with Geoffrey Arend, publisher.

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    • To deliver superior service to our worldwide partners by providing exceptional value, performance, and creative logistics solutions.
    • To invest in quality people with enthusiasm for excellence and desire for advancement.
    • To engage in good corporate citizenship and maintain the highest ethical and moral standards.
    • To maintain a leadership position regarding information technology and innovative business practices.
    • To treat our clients, suppliers, and employees with fairness, dignity and respect.