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Boueri Freight Services is a full-service shipping company that offers packing & crating services as the essential part of your cargo transportation. Our packing techniques are customized to satisfy all your needs. With safe packaging, you can be sure your cargo is in a stable environment. Professional packers are highly trained and dedicated to packing each one of your belongings efficiently to minimize the risk of damages during the transition.

Thanks to all the packaging companies in Lebanon you shouldn’t bother yourself with any element of this process. Of course, if you are one of the few that love to have everything in their own hands, you are more than welcome to do so. However, our advice will always be for you to consult professional packing and crating services.

Packaging companies in Lebanon are here to take the load off your shoulders and help you as much as you need them to. The main objective of our projects is you, and you will always be at the forefront of all our operations. By placing you at the top of the line we make sure to listen to and follow all your wishes. More so, we ensure that your time is respected to the tiniest minute. We understand how valuable time is for you and this is why we make sure not to waste any portions of it. Packaging companies in Lebanon are at your entire disposal!

Packaging companies in Lebanon – What we offer

Aside from making sure that customer satisfaction is at the highest level, we also focus on security and safety. Our packaging and crating services are not as common as one might think. Some companies may treat your shipments as nothing more than some physical objects needing transport. Our professionals treat them as valuable possessions that need to be respected, protected and transported. With this in mind, every shipment and packing that we organize and manage becomes a very personal project of our professionals. This is why we have as many returning customers. It all comes down to creating a perfect moving plan!

We don’t only make sure that your belongings are treated safely and with respect. We make sure to build a strong relationship with all our customers, ensuring a very pleasant and healthy cooperation. We need our clients’ help not in doing as much as in advising. We are here to do all the heavy lifting, but all of it is done in accordance with your wishes. The better you guide our hand, the closer will we be to the final outcome desired by yourself.

When it comes to packaging companies in Lebanon we are the ones that value respect the most!
Respect is paramount to us. We carefully examine your needs and wishes and plan accordingly!

What is packing?

The process of packing means so much more than placing something in a container or a box. Packing requires organization, planning and careful execution. Packing has actually several layers needed in order to be successful and well organized. The bottom line is that we try to organize your belongings in a way where they are both safe and easily unpackable. This requires a lot of planning and measuring, it is not that simple. There are many packing supplies to consider and we do this very carefully.

This is why we have very strong established procedures and training to ensure that we achieve all this. This is why we are the best packaging companies in Lebanon for you.

Packing has three stages, as per how our professionals address it. The first stage is estimating, the second is planning and the third is packing. 

a man writing a plan on a white board
Planning is key. With good planning, all other steps will proceed without a hitch!


The first of the three stages is estimating. The most important thing about every packing project is to know exactly how many things are being packed, how much they weigh, what their size is and how far they are going. These are all estimations based on the input received from the customer. If you are planning a move to Lebanon and want to know how much it will all cost, give us a call!

Usually, packaging companies in Lebanon operate according to the data they have. If we have a precise image of the items that will be packed, we are usually more efficient in making an estimate about it. Hence, this estimate involves the following:

  • How many items are to ship
  • Where are the items to ship
  • What is the individual weight of each item
  • What are the dimensions of each individual item

Based on this we are able to estimate the needed manpower. Furthermore, we are able to evaluate how big of a man force we will need to pack everything. Finally, we are able to estimate what type of a container we will need and how many of them. Especially so if a shipping container is needed. These are all very important elements based on which the following step comes into play.

calculator, ruler and pen
Estimates are really important. They let everyone know what they are dealing with


Every professional packaging companies in Lebanon will have the planning phase. This phase takes into consideration all the data collected in the estimation phase and starts putting together a plan. First, we take into account the size and weight of the items and evaluate how the packing will proceed. For instance, are the items big enough to have a single container each, or will there be a cluster of items packed in one container? If so, how fragile are the items and will they need special coating?

Lastly, given the duration of transportation, will they need extra protection? This step is fully mapped out by our professional before proceeding to any execution. By mapping and planning the entire packing process we are able to have a very clear and concise set of actions (learn more)..


The final phase of the process is packing itself. This should be probably the easiest process considering that the first two phases are properly done. It is very important, however, to follow the mapped out course of action to the letter. This is to ensure the safety of the items and the efficiency of the packing process.

We are the best of packaging companies in Lebanon

While looking for packaging for your product, you will find out there are many different types of packaging companies. But, only one is your right choice! Boueri Freight Services is the company that protects and safely packs your goods to reduce the stress and headaches while your cargo is on the road. Besides great packing services, you can also count on safe storage Lebanon where you can store your goods in a safe environment. And, this is not the end of the services our company provides. Give us a call to get more information about your local or international transportation.

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