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Moving is complicated. There is no better word that describes the process but this one – complicated. And if you understand this from the get-go it might be easier for you to digest the whole thing. This is why we exist. This was the foundation that turned this idea into reality. We work very hard to change this notion and do everything in our power to change this from complicated to seamless. We wish to turn your relocations into seamless transitions that you do not stress about, at all. This should be the objective of all international moving companies in Lebanon!

Both of our missions and visions revolve around our potential ability to assist your relocation to the extent where it doesn’t bother you in any way. We wish for you to sit back and relax. Enjoy the relocation and this enormous change in your life. You deserve it! Give us your trust and allow us to do all the heavy lifting for you. Boueri freight services team will ensure an unforgettable experience.

International moving companies in Lebanon – why us?

There is an abundance of international moving companies in Lebanon, but they differ from one to another. We will not speak of others, but we are sure that Boueri Freight Services have qualities good enough for you to consider contacting us.

We are so sure of the quality of our services that we can freely say that we are one of the best (if not the best) international moving companies in Lebanon. Our extensive testimonials bear witness to this fact. Years of experience, training, learning, improving and hard work have led to this moment. Now, we offer a very elaborate set of services that can, basically, cover every segment of the moving process. If you would request it, there is a scenario where you could relocate without even realizing it. Literally, you would instruct us on all that you would like us to do, and that’s it. The next time we see you would be in your new home, with all of your belongings set out for you. Check out our core objectives, if you wish to learn more!

international moving companies in Lebanon shaking hands in front of the house
By hiring us, you ensure that your move will be as perfect as possible!

The most important element – YOU

The most important element for all international moving companies in Lebanon is you. This was always our highest priority. You and your satisfaction. We do not do things the way we think they should be done. We do them the way you want them done! Sometimes, we would take the liberty to consult and advise you, but it is your final decision how things will be done. We are here to execute your wishes, in a very professional and time efficient way. This goes for both long-distance relocations, as well as local ones.

Although our approach to expressing your importance is the same for every type of move, still there are moves that are very much not alike. Local moves are the ‘simpler’ ones and pose much less of a challenge. Still, there are elements in every move that need special care and attention. On the other hand, international relocations are much bigger of a challenge. The level of logistics necessary to make these work is incremental. Again, nothing new to our experts. No challenge we cannot beat. It just takes a bit more time and effort. We only require you to contact us, to get it started!


a contractor in front of the house
You get to be the architect of your move! We will conduct the move according to your instructions!

What we offer

We offer a very elaborate set of services, that can be as minimal as you like. On the other hand, it can be as extensive as you would like it to be. Again, at the forefront of it all is you. We will adapt to your needs. So, if you believe you can do certain things on your own – you should. We will cover everything else you are less comfortable with.

We, of course, offer all the standard relocation services. This covers the very standardized loading the truck, transport, and unloading. This is as simplified as it can be. However, to make it far more convenient for you, we offer so much more. The extra services that we offer are more aligned towards international and long-distance relocations. This is not because we favor one over the other, but more because local moves require much less additional services.

Local moving is more about making the entire process as simple as possible. When it comes to short-distance moves you want your things packed, delivered and ready to go. Long-distance moves are a bit more complex.

International Moving – additional services

International moving can be a tad more complex. This is why international moving companies in Lebanon offer several additional services that complement the basic ones. These additional services can make all the difference, considering that the process is much more complex. The more complexity – the more things can go wrong. Even though our moving professionals are well trained and experienced, there are things that can go wrong and accidents may happen. It is simply unavoidable.

security staff
We offer a broad range of additional services so you can be as secure as possible!


In a case where something does go wrong (something breaks or gets lost), we offer moving insurance that will cover for all potential damages. You really should not consider doing the move without it.

It may be an extra cost at the beginning, but it could end up saving tons of money in the long run. Plus, peace of mind has no price.

Storage units

Sometimes you have to move out of your current place, but it is impossible to carry everything immediately to the new one! This is where our storage solutions come into play. If you need to prepare your office for the move, give it a read!

Packing services

Some people dread packing. This is why we offer our packing services to make the entire process easy and seamless for you!

We are eager to hear from you! You can rest assured that Boueri Freight services team will keep your items safe all along.

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