Tips for loading a moving truck like a pro

There are a lot of things you need to think about when moving. Gathering proper packing materials, finding movers, packing and – moving itself! These are just some of the tasks you need to complete. But, sometimes people don’t know anything about loading a moving truck like a pro. Which only leads to taking more empty space and having to move twice. This will only lead to a bigger moving cost. Continue reading our article to find out everything about loading a moving truck!

Find a perfect sized trailer before loading a moving truck like a pro

You need to figure out this one! If you get it wrong you can end up having a small moving truck that won’t suit your need. Before you even begin loading a moving truck like a pro, you have to find the truck the appropriate size. Lack of space can lead to more moving costs. At this point, you surely don’t need that kind of stress and another minus on your budget. Go on the companies website and check out what kind of moving trucks they have. You can even call their customers service and get that information. Every moving company will give you such information, followed by how much and what kind of items you can load in. The best thing you can do is to give them a call. They can directly give answers to all of your questions. Don’t forget to ask if they have a loading dock. It is a good way to load big boxes as well as other big items.

A perfect sized trailer used for loading a moving truck like a pro
Find a perfect sized trailer before loading a moving truck like a pro

When it comes to moving by land, finding a right moving truck is essential! Whether or not you are having a long or local distance relocation, the right-sized moving truck is a must have. Simply because cramping items into a small truck can only damage them. So, before you opt for having a good land freight, make sure you get the right sized moving truck!

Try to have the same sized boxes

To pack a moving truck efficiently you need to have boxes that are approximately the same size. This is essential if you do not want to end up with some unused space. Now, there are several ways you can find boxes. Go around local grocery stores and ask them if they can give ones for free. Or, just go to home depot and buy new ones. Either way, you should focus on having the same sized boxes. Or at least boxes with similar size.

Boxes on top of each other
Use the moving boxes of the same size

Shipping items overseas tend to have this problem. Especially if you are shipping in large quantities by air freight companies. They all have their own set of rules you need to follow if you want to ship your items. And sometimes air freight is the best option when it comes to moving.

Gather packing supplies

This is basically the step you need to make before anything. With proper packing supplies, you can save much-needed space as well as be sure your items are well protected. Loading a moving truck like a pro is easy when you have all items at hand. You will need things such as:

  • Packing tapes
  • Labels
  • Markers
  • Wrappings (any kind is good, air-filled wraps, blankets, t-shirts, etc). They are necessary if you want to know more about the ways to pack and ship breakable items.
Use markers to label the moving boxes

These items are essential when it comes to efficiently pack items for relocation. Use them properly and you will be loading a moving truck like a pro!

Don’t lift heavy objects by yourself

The essential part of loading a moving truck like a pro is doing it properly. When looking for expert plumbers in California, be sure to check on site. You may want to make sure not to get any injuries while loading. Remember, there are proper ways to do it. And never do it alone. Ask your friends for help or let the movers do it. This is a sure way to avoid moving injuries. If by any chance you strain your back, you must know the ways to treat back pain properly! Make sure you know about them just in case anything bad happens.

Woman holding her injured back
If you are not careful you can injure your back

Loading hierarchy

Now that you packed all of your items it is prime time to load them into the moving truck. Always begin with heavy items. And try to focus them at the beginning of the trailer right behind the driver. This brings much-needed stability to the moving truck. Preventing it from losing control during the traveling process. Also, try putting the biggest boxes first. And then just continued to the end with smaller ones. This will make it easier to both load and unload your items after relocating. Also, putting heavy boxes first will allow you to put items over them. They are not that fragile, and won’t break while moving.

A sign that says priority
Prioritize how to pack your items

Disassemble items

Whatever items you have in your home, you need to disassemble. It can cause a lot of issues if you don’t do it. Mainly because it takes to much space from the moving truck. This is a perfect opportunity to call trusted home cleaning service and to learn how to dismantle and pack wooden furniture. It will help you with your relocation because dismantled it is easier to pack and prepare for the move. Also, you can even save a lot of space that way!

Loading a moving truck like a pro should now be easy for you! We hope we provided you with the basics that will help you with your relocation. Remember, the proper packing material is a must-have. Also, try not to get injured carrying heavy items! If you have anything to tell us, or share some tip with us, feel free to do it! You can leave us your feedback in the comment section!

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