Tips for handling robust and heavy furniture

Moving is usually a long and hard process that can cause a lot of stress. As such, one of the biggest problems people face when moving is handling robust and heavy furniture. Big and bulky pieces of furniture, such as beds, wardrobes, and tables can be a huge pain in the neck, and people often do not know how to properly handle these items. However, you are in luck – local moving companies Lebanon are more than happy to give you a couple of tips on how to properly handle your heaviest and bulkiest pieces of furniture!

Making a proper plan

Whatever you do, it is important to make an adequate plan when you decide to move. Moving is a big decision that requires a lot of thoughtful thinking and planning. This is especially true if you are planning to relocate somewhere internationally, like moving to Beirut. Write down a list of all of your heavy furniture, think of the best path you can take in order to take the furniture out of your house or apartment, and finally, the order of lifting all the pieces onto a moving truck. Ideally, what you want to do is to place the bulkiest of items in the back of the truck and then slowly fill up the space with lighter and less robust furniture.

Properly planning your moving strategy is vital

Dismantle the furniture

This is an essential part of handling robust and heavy furniture! Many bulky pieces such as beds, sofas and tables can be disassembled into smaller pieces when moving, which are easier to pack and move. This would mean that you have to take apart all removable pieces such as drawers, legs, arms, cushions etc. and pack them separately. It is important to use the right tools when doing this. Fortunately, a lot of furniture pieces can be dismantled using simple screwdrivers. After you are done dismantling your furniture, make sure that you prepare a separate box or bag to store your smaller items in. Very small pieces such as various screws are very easy to misplace, so you should be extra careful not to lose them.

Apart from that, you also want to keep all the other pieces you removed such as legs, drawers, and arms safe from taking any kind of damage. If, at any point in time, you need help with dismantling your furniture, moving companies Beirut Lebanon would be happy to offer you their help and take the load off your back, so you can just sit back and relax.

Learn the proper lifting techniques

Possibly one of the most important things to learn while handling robust and heavy furniture are the proper lifting techniques! Big and bulky pieces of furniture require a lot of lifting and moving around until you finally load them onto a moving truck. Carrying such heavy items can cause you a lot of problems unless you learn how to properly handle them.

handling robust and heavy furniture can be frustrating
Handling heavy furniture can be frustrating

As such, if you need to pick up a heavy piece of furniture, it is vital to know the following tips:

  • Lift with your legs and not your back

Doing otherwise can lead to back injury and it puts a serious strain on your body

  • Get a good grip and keep all items close to your body

This helps your body maintain good balance and it doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on your arms

  • Always bend at your knees, not your waist

Your legs are crucial for that first lift. Squatting down on your knees and picking up an item means that your arms and legs do all the work, not your back. This keeps you safe from injury.

  • Wear proper clothing and keep your body still while moving

Making sharp twists and turns with your body while you are carrying a heavy piece of furniture can seriously hurt your back and put you in danger of dropping the robust piece.

moving worker
Proper lifting prevents injuries

Using the proper equipment

Moving big and bulky pieces of furniture is already a hard task itself. Imagine how harder it would be if we had to do it with only our two hands? Lucky for us, our modern age allows us to use a wide range of equipment. This equipment makes the task of properly handling heavy furniture that much easier. So, before you set off on your moving adventure, make sure to contact In His Mind and get a hold of some of these crucial items:

  • Furniture sliders 

If you are moving on your own, these sliders are a must-have! They are plastic pieces which you place under each corner or leg of the piece of furniture you want to move. These plastic pieces then let you glide down the furniture without the risk of damaging the floor or the piece itself. They even work on carpets!

  • Furniture dollies

Next are the furniture dollies. These dollies allow you to place a heavy object on them and then push it with ease. Place the item you want to push onto the dolly, secure it with straps or rope and push away! You can get these dollies in two different kinds: a four-wheeled platform and a two-wheel smaller hand truck. The difference between these two is that the two-wheel hand truck is more suitable to tall pieces as it distributes the vertical weight more easily.

  • Moving Straps

These handy things are useful for better weight distribution if you have to carry something big and heavy.


So, these are the top ways to pack and ship furniture. To summarize, you need to make a proper plan, dismantle the furniture if you can, learn the proper lifting technique, and use the proper equipment. We hope that these tips we have listed here have been helpful in assisting you with properly handling and dealing with robust and heavy furniture. Have a good move!

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