Furniture Movers

Big and bulky furniture can cause a lot of trouble for an inexperienced individual. That is why furniture movers Lebanon offer their services to anyone in need. We come forth with experience and reputable history. And that is not the only things that set us apart. It’s our approach to every task at hand. We will go out of our way in order to provide superior service. Boueri freight services team is mostly known for its long tradition of operating within the global logistics industry. We take great pride in the trust our clients and associates have in us. It is only through diligent and conscientious work that we got to this kind of reputation. Give us a call as soon as you decide to move and see it for yourself!

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Our furniture movers Lebanon operate on a global scale and provide top-notch service

Where to find us

Boueri Freight Services Lebanon is a privately-held company with its headquarters located in downtown Beirut. However, we have another branch in Lebanon. Whichever office you come to first, know that you will be greeted with professionalism and a highly knowledgeable workforce. Our executive management is included in every process, making our service state of the art.

Why is our company the right choice

Faster and more personalized service is the first thing you notice about furniture movers Lebanon in comparison to the competition. We are on a constant rout towards improvement. Although we are the leads in the business, we know that bettering ourselves can only enhance our services. We are in competition with our previous selves. That is why we are always one step ahead. Boueri Freight Services it thus highly recognized as a true master of the game.

What we strive for

  • providing exceptional service to all of our partners and customers worldwide while utilizing creative logistics solutions.
  • investing in and cooperating with people whose enthusiasm for excellence is transparent
  • making every client, employee and supplier feel like an individual treated with fairness, dignity, and respect
  • setting an example for others by maintaining the highest moral and ethical standards

Services that we offer

1. Moving

If you are looking for local or international furniture movers Lebanon, we are the ones to call. Give us a chance to make your move a stress-free experience. It doesn’t matter if you are planning on moving your business or your home, we excel in every job that involves transferring items from one place to another. And we do it in the most efficient way possible.


Hiring us means that you don’t have to worry about any part of the relocation. Whether it is down the street or a few blocks away, you can rely on our professionals to do the job in an adequate and professional manner. Being one of, if not the best Lebanon moving services, we know that every relocation is different in numerous ways. That is why we approach each case individually and come up with creative and knowledgeable ways of solving possible issues. Our experienced professionals will know how to assess your needs and address them accordingly.

A team of furniture movers Lebanon looking at a laptop, communicating
Our team of experts works diligently on finding the best solution for your individual situation


Years of worthy experience has thought us that international move is anything but simple. However, throughout those years we’ve come up with ways in which we turn this onerous process into a seamless transition. We’ve learned, trained and improved and can now proudly say that we stand out with quality and integrity. When you work with us, you know how highly we value your possibilities, desires, needs, and suggestions. We are well familiar with the change an international move can bring. Our company works its best to make this move as simple as possible, taking up all the chores that we can, so that you can focus on other important things.

2. Packing and crating

This is an essential part of the cargo transportation that we offer. Packing techniques that we utilize are state-of-the-art. Entrusting us with packing and crating your belongings means that it will be safe and secure. Minimizing the risk of damage is what our professionals are highly trained for. Choosing us means opting for peace of mind while your cargo is in a stable environment.

3. Storage

Our team of professionals offers the service of storage. High-quality shipping and storage of an inventory are what we are known for. The reason being is that we use a computerized system that allows you to keep track of your inventory throughout the whole shipping process. It’s also worth noting that our storage services are versatile. This means that you can choose the exact storage unit or a warehouse that fits your needs perfectly. Additionally, know that we offer our storage service at a competitive price. We will always try to find the best solution for your moving situation and adjust to your individual preferences.

4. Freight forwarding

Boueri Freight Services offer reliable and safe transportation of your products. With us, you can count on excellent freight forwarding service. As a matter of fact, a full range of our services for freight forwarding includes:

  • preparation of documents regarding shipping and export
  • safe warehousing
  • tracking and booking cargo space
  • freight consolidation
  • cargo insurance
  • air, sea, and land freight services
Two individuals looking over some papers
You can count on us to take care of the arduous paperwork as well as your cargo insurance

Hiring us means that you will be saving yourself a lot of time. This stands for our furniture movers Lebanon as well. Our wide portfolio of services will take a lot of your plate, leaving you free to devote your time to more important matter. You can count on us to take care of insurance, customs documentation, and transportation contingency plans. One more thing worth noting is that you can always turn to any of our member of staff for any questions or doubts that may bother you. Every concern that you have will immediately be clarified and you will be free to carry on without any stress or worries. So, why wait? Give us a call to discuss the terms of your move!

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    • To deliver superior service to our worldwide partners by providing exceptional value, performance, and creative logistics solutions.
    • To invest in quality people with enthusiasm for excellence and desire for advancement.
    • To engage in good corporate citizenship and maintain the highest ethical and moral standards.
    • To maintain a leadership position regarding information technology and innovative business practices.
    • To treat our clients, suppliers, and employees with fairness, dignity and respect.