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This is a company that takes pride in its tradition. A tradition of premium service and quality cooperation with all of our clients and associates. Decades of experience in the field have thought us to be diligent and efficient. When you hire us, you are in for a pleasant experience. We come forth with knowledgeable staff, global resources, and state of the art equipment. One of many services we are especially proud to offer is the land freight. If you want to experience a smooth transition, call us today and request a customized quote. Boueri freight services are always at your disposal.

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With our team of experts, you are guaranteed a quality freight all over the world.

What does land freight mean?

If you work with us, it means that all of your belongings will be safely transported by land to the desired destination. We come forth with honest policy and no hidden fees. Additionally, every member of our staff knows the necessities that come with such a project. Our land freight forwarders are unquestionably up to the task and on top of each and every objective. They are true experts in the logistics network.

You can put your trust in their abilities and feel safe and secure about the proper handling of the whole land freight process. We have faith in our capable employees. All of our clients and associates have seen how well they address every individual situation. Working with us through our team means that you get high-level expertise for all your logistics needs.

Services that we offer

We are well aware of the responsibilities and obligations transportation brings. That is why we offer certain services. Our goal is to ensure the most efficient, safe and adequate services. Whether you are working with our land freight forwarders Lebanon or any team for that matter, know that our policy is thoroughly followed. You can entrust us with matters such as:

  • International moving. No matter the distance, know that all of your goods will be transferred in the best possible manner. Quality vehicles with experienced drivers make a perfect combination that offers fast and outstanding delivery.
  • Packing and crating. An essential part of every transport is packing. To ensure safety, it is best done properly and with knowledge. That is where we step in. Years of sublime and successful providing of service has thought us how to handle every type of freight.
  • Cargo shipping and insurance. However thorough and careful one company can be, we are acquainted with the fact that accidents tend to happen. Whether it is our fault or anyone else’s, you are entitled to a compensation. Know that our services come with the offer of insurance and we urge you to really consider taking it.
  • Storage units.¬†Whether you have a definite deadline or want to leave your belongings, for the time being, know that you can put your trust into our top-notch facilities. Here, all of your goods will be safe from any harm. Waterproof and weatherproof storage units have 24/7 monitoring systems, further strengthening their security.
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Every long and difficult road becomes shorter and easier with a good driver and a reliable vehicle.

How does it feel to work with us?

What is clear from the first encounter is professionalism. That is what the great majority of our happy customers claim. Many of them state that the level of creativity with which we encounter any difficulties looks mesmerizing. Assessing your needs is what we do best. Know that it doesn’t matter if you have land freight forwarders Beirut or any other of our teams.

Every member of our staff will provide you with comprehensive and professionally executed handling of the matter at hand. We are highly respectful of your deadlines and value your time. We invite you to be open with every necessity, possibility, and constraint you may have. After the first contact with our professional teams, you will see that there is a way to go around any obstacle. You will also have a chance to witness our well planned, tested and verified techniques of running business.

What sets our company apart?

It’s the heart that we put into each and every job. We always go the extra mile to provide superb service. Satisfied customers are the ultimate goal. Striving for perfection is an every-day obligation. Whether you are planning on moving your household or office,¬†transport items of importance or value, coordinate consistent transportation deadlines or any other land freight quest, know that our company is the right choice. We offer peace of mind. Our agents will take adequate time to individually assess every specification regarding your situation. This includes items like location, content, deadlines, the speed of delivery and such. When you hire us, you will have nothing to worry about. We are a trusted company. Every member of our personnel works diligently to keep this reputation.

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Carefully assessing your best options and taking proper action is what we do best.

Why choose Boueri Freight Services?

Because we stand out. We are professional, thorough and quick to act. Surgically precise assessment of your needs and the most fitting solution is what we excel at. Maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards is one of our main objectives. Having said that, it is our company’s policy to treat every employee, client, and supplier with dignity, fairness, and respect.

Every transport, no matter if it’s a sea, air or land freight, is treated in an adequate manner and with the same importance. Here at Boueri freight services we care about the service that we offer and welcome every suggestion, advice, and even complaint. We always want to better improve and invite you to give us your own review. Since excellence is what we strive for daily, we are eager to hear of any way that will help this goal along. So get in touch with us today!

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    • To deliver superior service to our worldwide partners by providing exceptional value, performance, and creative logistics solutions.
    • To invest in quality people with enthusiasm for excellence and desire for advancement.
    • To engage in good corporate citizenship and maintain the highest ethical and moral standards.
    • To maintain a leadership position regarding information technology and innovative business practices.
    • To treat our clients, suppliers, and employees with fairness, dignity and respect.