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Are you looking for the best quality moving professionals to transport your fine art pieces to your new location? If you are, Boueri Freight Services are here to help, so give us a call to talk about our services. Our company offers numerous relocation services including transport of your collection of fine art pieces. We offer professional moving assistance for your belongings. Our movers with years of experience are here to make sure each piece of your fine art shipping collections stays safe while traveling to any part of the world.

Why choose fine art shipping company Lebanon?

Only the best-trained moving professionals are equipped and trained to handle and move expensive art collections. With years of experience, most experienced movers are at your disposal. We offer to prepare your expensive fine art pieces for the move using special equipment and specific security measures to ensure the safety of your belongings. We are one of the best freight forwarders Lebanon that will prepare your items for transport and follow each of your expensive fine art shipping to their destination.

fine art shipping
You will ensure safety when moving your valuable pieces if you hire a professional moving company to organize everything.

Our movers are reliable and efficient. When you hire our services, we will make sure we provide the best relocation assistance, no matter if you are moving your entire home to a new location or just your fine art shipping collection. You can choose us to specially pack all of your valuables. Using the best quality packing supplies and specific packing and crating methods, we will make sure none of your fine art pieces suffers any damage while in transport.

With numerous satisfied clients that have relocated all over the world, we take pride in what we do. Relocation specialists are here to help you relocate with ease and provide a customized moving plan for your items. Our goal is to help anyone relocate without difficulty and fear that something may go wrong. Visit our website and find some of our moving company’s reviews online. Our client’s positive reviews show how committed and professional we are. Choose Boueri Freight Services, and we will show you why we are the best!

We can pack fragile art pieces for you

As a professional moving company that specializes in fine art relocation, we won’t let you pack your fragile and expensive pieces without professional assistance. Use our packing companies in Lebanon to make sure the best safety for all of your art pieces. Our movers use special packing techniques to provide the best environment for your fine art shipping. Each piece requires our special attention. That is why our experienced movers customize the packing and crating process to fit your exact needs.

We understand that each of your fine art pieces is priceless. For this reason, our movers will follow specific preparation procedures when preparing your fine art pieces for transport. When using fine art shipping company Lebanon, you can stay relaxed while professionals secure your valuables.

On the other hand, our company will provide specific insurance options when transporting your art. Contact us, today, and we will provide all the information you may need regarding the transport of your special fine art pieces.

angel sculpture
Fragile fine art pieces will require special attention when packing.

Boueri Freight Service offers the best quotes

As one of the leading moving companies in Lebanon, we offer the most reliable moving quotes. A moving quote our company provides when moving your fine art pieces is the exact estimate of your relocation costs. Our professional relocation specialists provide the moving quote after they come to your location or examine the number of art pieces you will be relocating. He will compare various factor when calculating your quote like:

  • the distance of your move
  • the services you will use
  • insurance plan you select

After our movers examine all the factors and include packing and crating services you may need, they will provide an official moving quote. Our movers with experience will explain the moving quote to you as well as all services involved. With our moving professionals, you will know what is included in your moving estimate. On the other hand, it is our pleasure to offer any additional assistance or advice regarding your move if you decide to hire our services.

Moving containers and storage

As we mentioned before, our fine art shipping company Lebanon is here to plan and organize your relocation carefully. With our help, you don’t have to worry about moving expensive artwork pieces. Those pieces may be heavy and bulky, and they may always require special attention. Our movers are here to move each item using professional moving tools and equipment. This way your belongings will stay safe, and you won’t have to do any heavy lifting. No matter the size or the weight of each art piece you wish to transport, we will find the best way to move it without damage.

Boueri Freight Services is the moving company that organizes your entire relocation from the moment you hire us. We respect your relocation deadline and find the perfect solution to transport all of your belongings with ease. Our company also provides storage services Lebanon. Our facilities are equipped with the best surveillance methods and safety measures. In our storage units your items will remain safe while we prepare them for shipping. We offer numerous storage solution for your fine art shipping. You can always advise our movers on choosing the best type of storage unit when storing your belongings. Our movers are here to make sure that each of your art pieces stays intact while in our possession. Your belongings are our concern no matter how valuable.

The birth of Venus painting
Let our professionals protect your art pieces and pack the appropriately before shipping.

Let our professional movers help you pick the best insurance plan for fine art shipping and transport. As movers with years of experience, we advise that you always choose the best insurance plan to cover your shipment when moving the art of any kind. Call us today and get your moving quote!

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