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We know moving and freight forwarding industry in Lebanon, and we have built a reputation for providing our customers with the best services and advice for managing risks while shipping goods. There are many places where you can buy insurance, but only our insurance professionals know transportation the right way. With a long tradition of operating within the global logistics industry, Boueri Freight Services have helped many transportation companies get the proper protection for their businesses and goods. Protect your cargo from the financial loss as a result of physical loss or damage to load by purchasing our cargo Insurance. This is the right place to get your cargo insurance from trusted professionals. Don’t risk putting your most precious belongings and entire business in the hand of inexperienced shipping companies. Hire our highly dedicated professionals and you can pick between Clause A and Clause C cargo insurance.

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By purchasing our cargo Insurance you will ensure your peace of mind

Why Cargo Insurance?

We suggest Cargo insurance to all the companies and individuals who want safe shipping of goods. Cargo Insurance protects load against all risks of physical loss or damage on your shipment during sea, land or air shipping. This is an essential aspect of international trade. If you learn about laws and regulations in international shipping, you will see that all carriers must have a minimum amount of insurance, known as carrier liability.

But, carrier liability isn’t enough. It is a limited coverage, so your cargo isn’t protected in case of natural disasters or vehicle accidents. You can ask for cargo insurance to protect your goods from damage, loss or theft while in transit. Until goods reach the buyer they are protected and insured while they are in transportation or the warehouse Lebanon.

Cargo insurance is the best investment you can make

Do you know why cargo insurance is so important?

If you own an import-export business, then you should definitely purchase the cargo insurance. If you want your products to stay in good condition while in transit, freight insurance is something you must get. Instead, you are risking losing a significant amount of money if you suffer the loss or damages on your goods.

Cargo coverage may be handy in case of:

  • Damage due to improper handling
  • Cargo abandonment.
  • Customs rejection.
  • Employee’s dishonesty.
  • Damage due to Collision.
  • Damage due to Heavy weather, Sinking, Derailment.
  • Non-delivery

Boueri Freight Services offer you Clause A and Clause C cargo insurance

Cargo Clauses (C)

Clause C cargo insurance covers limited risks that might happen in accidents while your cargo is in transit. For this type of coverage you will pay the lowest premium, but also the cargo coverage will be basic.

This insurance covers:

  • lost and damaged goods
  • fire or explosion
  • specialty or truck with any outer article other than water
  • the charge of cargo at a port of distress,
  • loss of or harm to the baggage
  • general average sacrifice
Loading cargo
Pick the most suitable insurance plan to protect your goods during the trip

Cargo Clauses (A)

Cargo Clauses (A) covers maximum risks, so it is also known as All Risks cargo insurance policy. This is the most comprehensive insurance coverage, and you should not hesitate to pay the highest premium for the total coverage. Cargo Clauses A protects from all the risks of damage except the following:

  • Loss harm or cost inferable from a willful offense of the Assured Ordinary
  • Ordinary spillage, standard misfortune in weight or volume
  • Loss damage or liability caused by inherent vice or nature of the subject-matter insured
  • Loss, harm or cost brought about by deferral
  • Damage, loss or expense brought about by bankruptcy or money related default of the proprietors, administrators or charterers
  • Loss, damage or expense directly or indirectly caused by any weapon or nuclear fission or radioactive force.

Both cargo clauses are reserved for goods in transit. The products are in transit from the time they have departed from the original location to the final destination. Everyone wants to protect their shipment, so do you. Whether you are shipping your goods by the sea, land or air, it is good to know your shipment is covered in case of damage or loss during transit. Your cargo will be refunded or replaced to whichever party held the “technical” ownership.

Investing in Cargo Insurance is the best decision you can make
Minimize negative effects of the possible damage during transport

So, Should You Request Cargo Insurance?

Now, when we gave an insight into our cargo insurance options and when you know how insurance coverage works, you can be aware of the importance of cargo insurance when shipping goods. If you don’t want to have freight insurance, be ready for the possible consequences and financial losses. But, don’t forget to ask yourself what will happen if the entire shipment is lost. Or if your shipment suffer severe damages in an accident. Accidents do happen, and very often, so protect your goods and you from the financial losses, request a cargo insurance to protect your business! If you are not sure which type of cargo coverage is for you, contact us today!

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