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Moving is difficult, this is clear as day. There were times when the moving industry was not quite as big as it is today. Then, people had to handle their relocations on their own. Such a tremendous amount of work and responsibility. The level of logistics involved is out of this world. This is all for the simple, local moves. Or some that cover longer distances. But imagine if all this is brought to be international? Overseas? This would bring the venture to a whole new level… Quite frankly, such projects become nearly impossible without air freight.

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Air transport is the safest and fastest way to move things over long distances

But, speaking of overseas relocations and air freights... What are these? Are they expensive? How do you know whether you need them or not? Let Boueri freight services staff answer all your questions by calling us today.

International Relocation and Air Freights

So, what is this air freight? Why would you need it for your relocation? What are the upsides of having one hired and how expensive is it?

When you are performing international moves you usually have to go overseas. This type of relocation is potentially the most complex one. It has so many different variables when compared to local moves, or even long-distance ones. No move is easy and this is for sure. But international moves are an entirely different ball game.

Air freight is the best solution for a time constraint. It provides the quickest option in terms of transporting household goods and personal belongings overseas. However, the downside of hiring our air freight is the fact that it, in most cases, comes at a premium price. Alternatively, if hiring an air freight is too deep for your pocket, you can resort to ocean freight. A far cheaper option that usually takes far more time. So, if you have no time constraint, the latter might be a better option given the amount of money you would save. Otherwise, if you are doing an international, overseas relocation air transportation must become something you are considering.

When to consider air freights

The biggest influence on your decision whether to hire our air freight or not is the deadline of the move. If there is any type of deadline on your overseas relocation, using using air freight services stops being a matter of choice, but rather a necessity.

In case you do not understand your needs, we are at your disposal. We are here to offer advice, consulting and guidance based on your input. If you give one of our moving experts a call we will gladly listen in an attempt to understand exactly what your needs may be. Oftentimes people tend to either under purchase or over purchase the services they need. This is why, if you provide us with the necessary information, we will try to give you advice as to what you actually need. We are here to help you and listen to you.

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There are many options for long-distance moving, but they are far apart in terms of time required

However, when it comes to international, overseas relocations, it becomes rather simple. In most cases, if you can afford to hire an air freight, you will want to do so. The only downside of it is the fact that it is rather expensive. And the price goes up based on the number of items you wish to transport, and their weight combined. The larger, and heavier the items – the higher the price. Still, it is by far the best way to transport your belongings. This is, also, the fastest way to do it. Plus, in some airlines, you even get to fly with your belongings – meaning that you arrive at the final destination at the same time.

How to plan air transport

Again, our moving experts are at your service. If you wish to know whether you need air transport, or if you wish to learn how to organize everything – we would be ever so happy to assist you with this. We can do as little as offer advice and guidance, or go as far as organizing everything for you. This is entirely up to you.

However, we may be able to share some general tips with you here. We do strongly believe that every move is unique. In all our years of experience, we never faced having the exact same move twice. This is why offering general tips can be a bit difficult to do, but we will try.

a persons hand in front of the pc, passport and camera
Fot the process of moving by air freight it’s necessary to get to know formal requirements and to plan the move adequately

There are many elements to air freight shipping: packing, bringing stuff to the airport, customs, documentation and final destination delivery. All of these can sometimes be a tad tedious but are still far more efficient than any other way of doing it. Our advice? Go for air transport whenever you can afford it. This is the safest way for your items to be delivered to their final destination. The most hassle-free way of transporting them. Arguably, the most expensive one, but given the amount of time you save – maybe not that expensive.

Why choose Boueri Air Freight Services?

Fortunately for you, everything is much different today. The moving industry has grown exponentially, and now you have moving experts at your disposal. Boueri freight services professionals are here to assist with all elements of the move. You are no longer alone. Now you can rely on our moving experts to use their knowledge, experience, and expertise to ensure that your move becomes a seamless transition. Our advice to you – do not attempt to do everything on your own. There is no need for that. Of course, if you are an experienced mover, chances are you already have certain experience. Still, with the abundance of moving companies nearby, you are no longer alone.

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