Pros and cons of expedited shipping

The fast pace of life demands a faster shipment of goods. Reliable and quick freight shipping is becoming more and more important. Especially true for urgent, time-sensitive deliveries. Since everybody expects prompt delivery, the option of the expedited shipping is invented. That makes even the fastest shipping methods even quicker.  Due to the time-sensitive and often long-distance shipping needs of the modern economy, this method is becoming more popular by the day. Of course, the express shipping also comes with some pros and cons, which this guide will show you.

First of all – what is expedited shipping?

The name is self-explanatory really. It means that your shipment will arrive at your destination much faster. Its whole point is to cut out time and get the goods where they need to go on a time-sensitive delivery basis.

There are multiple methods of how to ship your goods faster:

  • By trucks – You can send your expedited shipping by road. Implies that truck with your shipment rarely stop along the way. The keystone of the route is fast cargo delivery.
  • Using the air freight – Expedited air freight services streamline the shipping process to get goods delivered in the timeliest manner possible. That means that your shipment will be in the air as the priority cargo, on the next flight.

Rail and sea freight companies can offer these services. However, since those are usually the slowest form of transportation, for express service most people choose between the road or air express shipping methods.

Train - not the best choice for expedited shipping
Rail freight isn’t very suitable for these kinds of shipments.

These methods are so lucrative that there are many international shipping companies in Lebanon that only deal with shipping urgent cargo.

Who can use faster shipment?

Anyone who has a package that has to deliver a certain time can benefit from expedited shipment. Shipments can be both large and small, there’s no difference. You can ship a document or an all your household belongings via this method.

Surely, except for people that are in the time crunch, there are others that use express shipment on a regular basis.

Those are usually industries which business or customers may suffer if the delivery time is too long, like:

  • Medical Industry – Many medical supplies are temperature sensitive, so they require a quicker delivery time. The same goes for valuable devices and sensitive equipment that can suffer damages if delivery takes too long. Medical equipment, in general, need to get to its destination quickly.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry – Some medications are vital for patients. If the hospital runoff such medications, the patient’s lives are in stake. That is why crucial pharmaceutical medications are always freight by expedited shipping.
  • Manufacturing Industry – If the parts that are necessary for manufacturing are taking longer to arrive, the whole project can suffer. The manufacturing industry is always fighting to beat a clock, and their alley is the express freight.
  • E-commerce Industry –Since the retailing business is expanding rapidly, most of them are switching to the online sale. Some of the famous brands like Tesla now only have online shops. Since customers want to get their product, many online stores are offering fast shipping options. For that purposes, the expedited shipment has expanded on the economy sector also.

While these are just some of many common users of this shipment method, basically anyone can use expedited freight services when they have extremely urgent delivery.

What distances does expedited shipping cover?

Expedite shipment can cover all the distances. No matter do you need to ship something to the other part of the town, or to the other part of the world – companies that are specialized in the express shipment have your back. They will create a plan and execute the delivery in a timely manner.

Map, magnifying glass and car keys
Distance isn’t an obstacle for express delivery.

Logistic is very important for these kinds of shipments.

When you have something to ship across the border, the services of such companies will do a lot of hard tasks instead of you. Since they are dealing with paperwork on a daily basis, they will arrange all the necessary documentation and custom clearances.

Also, when it comes to long-distance shipping, there are many factors like traffic or whether to think about. If you pick the right shipping company with experience, they will effectively manage and streamline any possible obstacles.

Pros of expedited shipping

  • Speed – This is the most obvious perks and the reason why people are using this method of shipping. This is the most reliable way to ensure that urgent delivery will arrive on time.
  • Guaranteed delivery time – Speaking of time, this is the only form of freight that guarantees you the delivery time. That means, if you specify that your shipment needs to arrive by Friday at 2 PM, the company has to guarantee that it will.
  • Fewer risks of damaged goods – With expedited shipment, the whole point is for your cargo to get to faster. That means fewer stops, hence less cargo handling.
  • Improved visibility – Companies that are providing express freight always have the way of tracking it. That way, you will know where your shipment is at any moment.
  • Additional security -Since there won’t be many or any stops to the destination, the chances are slimmer that some foul play takes place during the transport. With expedited shipment, fewer people will have contact with your shipment. That decrease the possibility of stealing or losing your precious freight.
  • Increased customer satisfaction – If you’re using this delivery method for business, your customers will be very happy to receive their goods in a timely manner.
Express delivery will help you to beat your deadlines.

Cons of expedited shipping


If you want something to arrive at you quickly, you will have to pay a price. And not the small one. Expedited shipping is much more expensive than regular delivery. Which makes all the sense.

Also, when something is urgent to ship, the money becomes a minor concern when comparing to the troubles that late delivery can cause. Companies are taking advantages from that fact, and making big money out of the express cargo freight.


Since various modes of cargo transportation are in question, accidents can happen. Even the catastrophic one, like a plane with your cargo falling down, or truck flipping over on the slippery road. The chances for that happening are extremely slim, but yet – not impossible.

Companies are very aware of the risks, so read the contract about your shipment very carefully. The chances are that you will find some small print that’s taking the liability for your cargo from the company.

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