Pros and Cons of Blind Shipping?

In situations when transportation and selling depend on marketing, blind shipping does not seem a smart idea. The option that you can buy goods from the third-part seller could be a little dangerous. However, some companies do not want their customers to know that they are involved in selling. In that case, they will hire somebody who will transfer their goods in the right place. International shipping companies in Lebanon often use this type of shipping.

What is bling shipping and when companies use it?

Some companies do not want to be involved in shipping and selling. They would instead give their goods to the third-part, which will do all the job. Although it seems like some scam, it is far away from that. Buyers do not know who is the seller, while shipper does not know who is the final receiver. However, every part does their jobs on time and professionally.

There are situations when company wants to be hidden from buyers

There are many reasons for this option in shipping.

  • Blind shipping is faster, even though it seems like the opposite – is the case where every part does their job professionals there are no delaying;
  • You can count that this type of shipping will not leave the space for hassle – since every part has its responsibilities;
  • Only one side deals with customers, which decrease the time for working – and some parts included in this consolidated shipping have to time exclusively for their responsibilities;
  • The manufacturer has no obligation to do all marketing, so they save money and time for things that they are specialized – much better for customers;
  • In many researching, this type of shipping has increased the sales – again, suitable for all sides.

No matter how you organized your shipping, you should know that the final receiver does not need to know how things are going. You must transport stuff on time and safely. If you need to hire somebody else for that, do it. The ultimate satisfaction on your customer’s face is the only important.

Pros blind transportation

There are numerous reasons to use this type of shipping. The increasing interest for it proves that many buyers and customers use it for their business. If we look at the numbers and other reasons, we could agree that this is the best way of shipping goods. All three sides have shared the responsibilities and do their jobs professionally. Many famous brands have moved to blind shipping recently, for a reason.

Blind shipping is more efficient that any other type of shipping

For some companies, anonymity is essential

Some companies care about their anonymity. It is not because they do something illegal or dangerous. They want to keep their jobs protected from other people’s eyes. In most cases, those are companies that work with the dangerous goods shipping. Although they have organized business, so everything is safe, they do not want to deal with the customers.

Seller worries about the marketing

It is great when a manufacturer has no obligations to control marketing for their goods. They sell the products to the transfer company. It leaves more time for improving the rights, and all sides win. They also avoid tedious dealing with the customers, which is crucial for some companies.

The third-party earn money, too

The company that transfer goods earn cash. However, it does not mean that this service is more expensive. It could be cheaper since the manufacturer saves money on marketing and other small costs. Everybody wins, especially the customer.

Blind shipping is more efficient

It is strange but sounds logical. Although there are so many people involved in this shipping, people think that it is not much useful. That is not true. Numerous land freight forwarders Beirut have worked on this way, and they have no troubles at all. They work even better since every part knows their jobs and do it the best they can.

You do not need warehouse and storage

Although there are a lot of storage services on the market, sometimes you will need to save money and time on that. The easiest is to find a third-party company that will transfer your goods as you send it from the factory. It could be an excellent way to control production only and not bother with supply and demand.

Cons blind shipping

No matter how some business is doing well, there are always reasons for not accepting it. In some cases, people do not want to share their information and goods with the company that they do not know. Some people worry if this type of shipping hides something from the customers. What if you do not know who is the manufacturer? Who will you ask for advice, or accuse them if something goes wrong? Those questions are highly crucial for blind shipping.

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The only difference between blind shipping and drop shipping is anonymity

It is hard to define responsibility

We said that most of the customers have decided to use this type of shipping only because of better controlling. To find modern kitchen cabinets in eastern Pennsylvania visit company. Every part knows their obligations, so there are no problems with that. However, there are situations when it is hard to define which part has made a mistake. To avoid that, experts advise making a contract and sealing with bank agreement.

It is hard to control the quality of goods

In situations when your rights have taken the third-part company, you do not know when they will deliver at the final destination. It could be seriously dangerous with perishable goods. You cannot control when they will leave the storage or if they will follow the rules and law. It could make troubles with customers and their trust in your business.

Yes, it is similar to dropshipping

In case you have noticed similarities with the dropshipping, you are not wrong. It is similar to that type of transportation. However, in dropshipping, you do not have anonymity as an essential part of the business. In blind shipping now knowing who is the receiver and manufacturer is the first on the list of the features.

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