Moving to the Middle East – what’s to know?

Throughout the years we had the privilege to participate in almost all sorts of moves. From local moves to international ones, we’ve seen it all. At this stage, no matter what our potential client brings to the table – we will most likely have a solution. When it comes to the specific case of moving to the Middle East, nothing is different. So its no coincidence that when people look for international movers Lebanon they come to us.

This specific relocation has numerous things you should keep in mind or at least start considering. These factors cover both the process of moving to the Middle East as well as living there. It is nothing dangerous or deal breaking. No, nothing like that. It is just a simple list of things that you must know and understand before you decide to drop everything and relocate to the Middle East.

Moving to the Middle East – Moving to a different continent

If you are moving to the Middle East you have to understand that you are moving to a different continent. Everything you might have thought that you know is now different. Not necessarily different for better or for worse. It is just different. You might ask – what is?

The culture, the people, the rules. Everything is different. And you will have to bend and adapt to it because it is nearly impossible to have it adapt to yourself. Maybe not even nearly impossible – but entirely impossible. The Middle East and Asia overall are rich with flavor and culture. This could be a beneficial thing or a negative one. Be as it may, regardless of whether you like it or not, you have to embrace it. It will have a quite impactful influence of the entire relocation project. Also, don’t forget to prepare for the move you are about to make. We made a good guide for you to help you with shipping your cargo by air.

Standard work week

The first odd thing you will realize and adapt to is the work week. It matters not that the normal work week is a Monday to Friday thing everywhere in the world. No, in the Middle East it is different. The one thing that does take some time getting used to when moving to the Middle East is the fact that their moving week starts on a Sunday and ends on a Thursday after which the weekend begins.

Don't let the stress of relocation get to you. Just let a bit of time pass and you will get used to it.
Having to get used to new working habits will take time and some getting used to, but its nothing you can’t handle.

I, personally, was so sadly misinformed that I missed the first day of work in Abu Dhabi. This is not without a reason, though. The major reason for this is the fact that Friday has to be left open in order for people to do their prayers – Jumu’ah. When you think about it – it is a lovely way to alter the working week in order to accommodate people’s habits.

Transient friendships are a common element

You will have to understand that the majority of people you will mingle with will be expats. Why is this important? All of them (including you) will have an ‘expiration date’. This means that sooner or later, the people you meet will either leave you (and move back home) or have you leave them.

Ofcourse moving to the Middle East you can't bring all your friends with you, but you can always go and visit them.
Moving to another country can be stressful without your friends. But never forget, that you aren’t losing them forever.

This can sometimes be stressful, especially for people who do not have such an easy time making friends. Also, it can be difficult to get really attached to someone only to see them leave. But, this is something you will have to get used to. The upside is the fact that you will have somewhere to stay all over the world. The friendships made this way are usually very long lasting.


Depending on which state you are coming from – you are bound to have to adjust to the Middle East climate. The usual thing that people moving to the Middle East say is – ‘I don’t even anticipate rain anymore’.

If you prefer cold and mild weather the maybe the middle east isn't really for you.
You will be living next to a desert, so expecting a warm climate is a given.

People usually fail to know where their umbrellas are. It rains a couple of days per year. Furthermore, nobody really watches the forecast. When you need commercial reconstruction services in California, be sure to contact IAS San Diego Restoration & Construction company. The weather is the same – always. It can just vary between hot and not too hot.


The one thing you will eventually stop thinking about is safety. Moving to the Middle East will mean that, in spite of what you may think, will mean moving to an extremely safe place. It is so safe that eventually, you stop thinking about it entirely.

This goes as far as me forgetting my backpack in a taxi. The taxi driver gave me a call the next day returning everything just the way I have left it. This is something that is spot on.

You do not need to always leave your house

The Middle East gives you the option of being a hermit. This is my absolute favorite feature of moving to the Middle East. The fact of the matter is that in the States you are forced to rely on your car and time to complete things. The Middle East is different. You have the ability to practically have everything delivered. This goes from McDonald’s to fine dining. Furthermore, legend has it that you could even have alcohol delivered.

Moving to the Middle East

Fundamentally, moving to the Middle East will introduce quite a few things to get used to. This is fine. Read this blog and read other blogs and YouTube guides that will teach you plenty about this part of the world. It’s like looking for furniture movers in Lebanon. Go find them on the internet, and then call them up, and they will do all work for you.

The good thing is that you are not doing it first. There is an abundance of people that have done it and you will be able to learn all about their experiences. Use the internet and inform yourself as much as you can. It will be very helpful!

Good luck!


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