Makings of a good cargo company

What are the makings of a good cargo company? There is an abundance of qualities cargo companies in Lebanon could have in order to positively differentiate itself from its competitors. However, these qualities could be subjective, meaning that if they have value to us – they could have no value to you. So take our list with a pinch of salt but know that we have more experience than most people do. 

Still, our idea was to be as broad as possible and point out the qualities that we are certain, a very large population of people will appreciate. You be the judge of whether we succeeded or not. But, the bottom line is something everyone can agree on. The makings of a good cargo company basically come down to affordability, integrity, and reliability. The combination of these three will be makings of a good cargo company. If they can tick all three of these boxes can be checked, you are most likely looking at a very good cargo company. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Makings of a good cargo company – what are the top most important qualities?

The holy trinity of the most important values each company should have is reliability, integrity, and affordability. If a company can tick these they will be to your liking. But how do you know if a company owns any of these three qualities? How do you determine and confirm this? Every company will claim to have these values, but how do you know if its true or not?

Qualities written on a board.
Good cargo company will have many qualities!

This is easy – you don’t. Unfortunately, there is no way to be 100 percent sure whether or not the company hones these values. The best way to know is if you’d be dealing with this company and then learn about their values. Still, there are some values that you can find out about cargo companies. You may not be able to know whether or not they are reliable. But there are some smaller milestone qualities you could learn about easier.  You should prepare for your move, yourself, as well, if you are moving from Lebanon to the U.S.

These will be some qualities that are makings of a good cargo company.

Do they have a license?

This maybe sounds like a rather obvious quality, but you would be surprised at just how many cargo companies operate without a license. There is a way to do it that makes it not illegal, but we will not get into such details. If a cargo happens to operate without a license you should probably steer clear away from it because, not only do they seem less professional, they could also seem dangerous. You do not want to have to risk dealing with a fraudulent cargo company.

No license leaves you exposed to various frauds that nobody can save you from once your belongings are halfway across the world. It is simply not worth the risk you would be taking to get a tad cheaper service.

They offer more than one way of providing their service

This is one trait that makes for a good cargo company. If they at, Columbus are able to offer more than one way of giving you comercial cleaning service means that they have invested in their infrastructure and logistics, being able to offer several solutions. This is a sign that you are dealing with a well prepared, powerful cargo company. Having options in this type of business is nothing short of a sample of power and reliability.

If they give you several options – they are professionals.

You can see the makings of a good cargo company in their services.
While not exactly Waldorf-Astoria, a good cargo company will offer plenty of services!


This is something I give very high importance to, for instance. It does not matter to me how big of a professional you are if you are unable to communicate with me professionally. It doesn’t matter which medium is being used, you need to be able to sell your product in order for me to purchase it. If I am having an uncomfortable conversation about purchasing your service – rest assured that I will not purchase your service.

If I send an email and have to wait days for a respond – you will most likely not be hired by me. Also, if the phone conversation does not have the flow that emphasizes the importance of me, the customer, I will most likely call another company. This may not be as extreme for some of you, but it is something that works in this manner for me. I just think it is important.

Man and women communicating at a table.
Good communication is the key to success!

Strong carrier network

One of the most important makings of a good cargo company is the carrier network they have. This is something you should be able to discover easily. Most of the relevant cargo companies will keep a list of their partners on their website, where you will be able to learn which carriers they are using. Getting an idea about their carriers will give you a very good idea about what kind of a cargo company you are dealing with. Boueri freight services mean very little if there are no brilliant carriers that go in the same basket.

Reviews and impressions

The last, very potent way to find out something about a cargo company is through online reviews. Sooner or later companies are bound to have some clients, and these clients usually wish to remain vocal about whether or not their service was bad. However, they are usually vocal about bad experiences. So if you are going to find anything – it will be those.

You can find these reviews on countless forums and chatrooms. This is where people exchange their experiences. Every feedback you can find is useful feedback!

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