How to store hazardous materials

If you own a company that deals with hazardous materials, you have to know how to store them. Equipping your workers in aprons and protective gear is not enough. They also have to know how to handle them. You also need to know what can and what cannot be stored in your storage Beirut. So, we have created an article just for you. We will explore how to store hazardous materials the proper way. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Avoiding the hazards of storing hazardous materials

You need to be familiar with the potential hazards of storing this type of materials. There are many things that can happen when yo store hazardous materials, ranging from minor inconveniences to, God forbid, explosions. This is because hazardous materials are sensitive chemicals that can create dangerous reactions if not handled and stored properly. However, there are many types of hazardous materials and we cannot tell you everything about each one. There cannot be a definite risk for storing them because there are so many, and in addition, the chemicals are constantly changing with the advance of science. Packaging companies in Lebanon always keep track of the hazardous materials they are required to pack. If you are a company owner, you should too.

howe to store hazardous materials in storage
Renting a storage container is a good idea

Therefore, you need to take precautions when dealing with chemicals such as these. Your workers can get seriously injured if you do not practice safe protocols and do not pay heed to regulations. Things that can happen to your chemicals are contamination, fires, spills, toxic exposures, chemical reactions, and even explosions. So, what do you need to know before storing hazardous materials in your warehouse or storage unit?

Storing hazardous materials

There are several things you need to know before you start storing hazardous materials. They are mostly related to the composition of the substances in question and their properties.

Avoid storing incompatible substances together

This is a big one. Some substances can create dangerous reactions if there is a spill or a leak. This is why you need to know the properties and the composition of each substance you want to store. This is the only way to know how to create proper organization in your warehouse or storage unit. Proper organization is vital for everything in life and that applies to using the correct storage techniques as well. Local moving companies Lebanon do not deal with storing dangerous substances but they know how to avoid putting them close to one another in the moving truck.

So, what substances do not go well with one another? If you do not know which chemicals are not compatible, make sure to check the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

  • You can unintentionally produce chlorine gas that can be a big hazard to your workers if you place acids that react with hypochlorites.
  • Hydrogen cyanide gas can be created by placing acids that react with cyanide’s in close proximity
  • This is also the case when you put acids that react with alkali’s close to one another. This can generate heat and affect other substances in your storage. Beware!
  • If you have alcohol or nitric acid in your storage unit, make sure to secure it properly in order to avoid explosions.
  • Oxidizing agents and other organic materials may cause explosions or contamination as well.
climate controlled storage unit
A climate-controlled storage unit is king

What type of storage do you use?

There are different types of storage units that you can utilize to store your hazardous materials. You may opt for renting a shipping container. Shipping containers are great for storage because they are spacious and can offer temperature control. There are many different types of shipping containers you can use for storing, so you need to do your research. Getting the best type can get the job done and you will also be able to transport them anywhere you like.

If you opt for a warehouse, there are some tips you can employ to help you avoid dangerous situations. For example, if you have high shelves this may not be the perfect way to store hazardous materials. This is because if a leak or a spill happens, it can affect many more boxes below it. You will also have a hard time tracking down which box had the spill and taking it to ground level. After you deal with the box with the leak, you will still need to clean up every single box that was below or around it. When it comes to cleaning be sure to use safe and effective products like maids in Florida do. You can never be too safe when it comes to storing hazardous materials, so you should maybe skip reducing warehousing expenses by adding higher shelves. Keeping them close to the ground is a much better way to go about this.

Avoid raising the boxes too high.

Keeping flammable materials away from the rest

This is very important. You need to keep flammable materials away from other chemicals because you do not know what can happen. There may be a chemical inside of another substance that you are not aware of and can cause a fire when paired with flammable materials. This is why you need to keep flammable materials away, and even get climate-controlled storage. Climate-controlled storage is the best way to store your flammable materials because you will never risk your storage unit getting overheated. If you are using an outdoor storage unit, this is an absolute must. Outdoor storage units are directly exposed to the sun and extreme temperatures can cause havoc inside the unit. You should, in addition, get a storage unit with good ventilation. This means that the hazardous gases will be vented out you will thus reduce the risk of dangerous situations.


When running a business, you need to know all about storing hazardous materials. You never want your workers to receive an injury while working or your materials to create spills. Memorize and utilize these tips and you will have no problems at all! If you forgot something, you can always read the article again!

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