How to ship exhibition goods – tips and tricks

So, you enter some international exhibition and now you need to transport your goods to another country. Or to ship your items from another country to Lebanon. Whatever the case is, you should now that this may not be such an easy task. Shipping goods over the borders bring dealing with a lot of paperwork, legislation. Your goods also have to pass through the customs clearance Lebanon. Still, with few tips, you can ship exhibition goods relatively easy and most importantly – on time.

Don’t hesitate – start preparing early

Whatever exhibition you are entering in, you should know that you have to prepare your goods for the shipping. Showcasing your product or artwork will be ruined if your goods are damaged in the process.

Good preparation needs times. If the exhibition in another country is in a few months, you can’t waste any minute. Get preparing your goods for shipment right away.

Another thing that you need to focus on how will you ship your goods.

Since your items are probably very valuable, the thing about the project cargo. This is the best and the most secure way to ship exhibition goods. For shipments that are made of different components, this is a very ideal way of shipping.

Anyway, the time is of the essence, so don’t delay preparation for the international exhibition that you are attending. When you have enough time to sort everything out, you will be avoiding many delays. Ship exhibition goods in time and you will be completely ready to showcase when the hour arrives.

Find reliable freight forwarders to ship exhibition goods with

The safest way to ship exhibition goods is through a freight forwarder. While their services are used mostly for the product distribution, shipping your important cargo with them is a great idea. It is money well spent since it will save you a lot of time and struggle. Still, choosing the reliable and reputable movers like Boueri Freight Services Lebanon is the most crucial thing in ensuring the safety of your cargo.

Features of the reliable and great freight forwarders:

  • Experienced in all transporting ways (air, road, rail, and sea)
  • Providing efficient cargo shipping solutions based on your specific requirements
  • They are able to provide you the premium cargo storage services
  • Forwarders have all the necessary licenses and registrations that allow them to act legally
  • Capability to negotiate and lower the freight rates with the shipping line
  • Process all relevant shipping documents
  • Arrange transportation of the cargo
  • Arrange customs clearance

What type of cargo transportation should you choose

Depending on the terrain and time that your goods need to arrive at an international exhibit where you will showcase them, you can choose to transport them by sea, air, rail or road.

Sea Freight

Cargos with great volume can’t be economically transported by any other mode than the sea. It is the most affordable way of shipping goods, but the one that takes a longer time. If you have too many exhibition goods to ship and a lot of time on your hands than this can be the most effective type of cargo transportation.

For sea freight, the size and weight is never the issue, and that is its biggest advantage.

Cargo boat
It is mostly used for shipping of high volume and very heavy cargo, as well for the bulky, odd-shaped items.

Ship exhibition goods by Air Freight

You may found yourself in the situation that you have entered the exhibition in the last minute and now you need to ship your goods urgently. In this day and age, air freight is the most effective form of cargo transportation. Surely, it is the most expensive one, but also the safest one. Shipping your goods this way will ensure that they will arrive on time.

If your exhibition goods are perishable like foods, flowers, or some pharmaceuticals, shorter transit time is exactly what you need.

Also, another benefit of air freight is that there is much less overall cargo handling. That decrease the risk of damage or theft is much lower when you’re transporting cargo by air.

The main disadvantage of air freight is its cost. While it is the fastest, it is also the most expensive form of cargo transportation.

Airplane cargo space - use air freight to ship exhibition goods quickly
Due to the limited size of the airplane cargo area, air freight isn’t suitable for very heavy and bulky shipments.

Rail Freight

Shipping cargo by rail is still a very good cargo forwarding option. While trains have lost some of its popularity, many companies are choosing this form of transportation. Especially when they want to decrease their carbon footprint since this is the “greenest” freight option.

It is a quicker way to chip exhibition goods than by sea, but it is more expensive. Many factors are determining the cost of this type of freight. On our blog you can read more about one effective type of birth control. Comparing to road freight, it can be a cheaper way to transport your goods if the destination is more far away. Meaning that for longer journeys it will be more affordable to ship goods by train. However, for the shorter relation, transportation will be less costly by road.

Raile cargo is the “greenest” way to transport your shipment.

Ship exhibition goods by road freight

One of the most common forms of freight transportation, especially for shorter distances. It is very convenient for the European Union and other similar organization that has one official border. A single customs document process provides much quicker and seamless transportation of goods even across various states and countries.

It is very cost effective and most convenient form of cargo shipping since it includes complete door-to-door service.

However, the transport vehicles have limitations in the form of the weight and the size of the cargo. Also, the road conditions, traffic, and the weather have a great impact on the delivery time.

If you are lacking time, don’t risk it – ship exhibition goods by air freight.

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