How to prepare your office for relocation

There are countless reasons why a certain business might be undergoing a relocation – but most of them are always great news! If this is the case with your business as well we would like to say congratulations before anything else. All that hard work and dedication is paying off and you are moving to bigger and better things! We are both happy for you as much as we are happy to be a part of this success. Still, there is the matter of the relocation itself, which is the topic of today’s discussion. Our freight services will try to help you prepare your office for relocation.

It is both a difficult and easy process at the same time. There are very clear and concise steps for you to follow in order to successfully prepare your office for relocation. Hopefully, it will be enough! We understand just how stressful the entire process may be, which is why we hope to make it at least a little bit easier for you.

Prepare your office for relocation – a how-to guide

If you want to prepare your office for relocation – know that it isn’t mission impossible. It does, however, take a bit of effort to do it right. The result is great. If you prepare the right way there is almost nothing left to worry about. Some of this advice are ones you already know. If you do, great! If not, we’re glad we served as a reminder.

Plan the move

Before you do anything you need to carefully plan your entire move. Based on this plan you will be able to organize your office for a relocation. The most important element of said planning is the creation of a timeline. This timeline is of utmost importance because it will serve as a guideline for everyone involved.

Prepare your office for relocation by using the right number of people to do it.
Outline the size of the move so you have enough hands to help you when you start the move

This includes the employees and your own team as well as a team of professional movers you have hired to handle the move for you. Everyone needs to be on the same page at all times. When you have the timeline established you may proceed to all the following steps in order to prepare your office for relocation.

Gather your team and divide responsibilities

Engage your team. You should all work together in order to make this relocation a seamless one. This means that there should be a division of labor and every single member of your team should be in charge of something. Refer this back to the timeline and add icons of each team member within it.

The team should participate in both the relocation and the preparation. There is no better person for the job. They know all the ins and outs of the current office space even better than you! If nothing, they could at least be there to assist the professional movers when the maids from maidwhiz comes, visit

Investigate the new space

In order to prepare your current office for a relocation, you need to closely investigate the new office space. There could be the case where the new one is ‘smaller’, not being able to fit some of the furniture you currently have. In this case, you need to potentially recycle the furniture you own and replace it with appropriate ones.

Don’t just start moving in things. Firstly inspect new office space to see where things need to go.

Also, in order to plan the layout of the new place you need to know what space looks like. This will help when you start planning the pecking order. Maybe, given the new space, the desks need to go first. Or the IT equipment. Best thing is to prepare for any eventuality!

Make sure to safely prepare all the wires

There are countless cables in most offices and wires going throughout the place. Once you start packing your equipment you start to unravel just how many cables you have about. This is where you need to spend extra time packing all those cables up and not leaving a mess behind. You are professionals, after all.

Day of the move

This is, of course, the most important day of the entire relocation. All the preparations have led to this day. There are certain things that need to be done on this day specifically in order to make the entire project successful.

The first thing you need to do is to make arrangements with the building manager to ensure that air conditioning is on during the move. For more info on teeth in a day procedure contact in Temecula. This can be for either heat or cooling, both of which are highly needed in a process such as this.

Secondly, make sure to finally disable and pack all computer and server equipment prior to the arrival of your moving professionals hired for the job. Also, see to it that your phone system is disabled and ready to be installed at a new location.

Lastly, make one last run through the checklist of items that are being relocated. Make sure everything is accounted for. Do engage your entire team for this step fo the process because it is of vital importance.

Designate one person for paperwork

As much as we live in a digital age, there is always a ton of paperwork within every business. We are certain yours is no different. Have one person be in charge of all the tangible paperwork you own, and leave nothing else to this person.

Paperwork can be cumbersome and daunting task, so don't burden person in charge of it with some other tasks.
The person you put in charge of paperwork should solely focus on it.

That person needs to make sure to file and store everything in an order you see fit. Then they need to pack all the paperwork together not to lose track of it. Watch out for this, as in our experience people usually skip this step.

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