How to prepare artwork for global shipping

Shipping regular items are easy! But what happens when you need to prepare artwork for global shipping? There are a lot of preparations you need to think about! Especially for long-distance transportation! Continue reading our article and learn more about artwork transportation!

To prepare artwork for global shipping measure it first

When you need to ship your art, you first need to take measures of it! Write their length, height, and width on a piece of paper, so you can get the same sized moving box for it from your moving company. If that option sounds a bit expensive to you then visit the local galleries. Ask them how they transport their artwork, and what moving company they suggest you use. Also, their experience can help you a lot. Maybe they can even provide you with some free boxes to move your art. But remember, ask them about fine art shipping and how to do it properly, so you won’t have any troubles shipping yours.

Measurement tape used to prepare artwork for global shipping
To prepare artwork for global shipping measure it first

Prepare working space where you will pack your artwork

Next step you need in order to properly prepare artwork for global shipping is to have a working space. Try to make as enough space for packing as you may need. Depending on the artwork itself, you will either need a small table or a whole room. Basically, you need free space to work, since it will require a lot of preparations. You really need to do this right, because if you have a faulty packing, your artwork might break.

An empty table
One empty table should be enough to help you pack your artwork

On the other hand, you can always consider getting cargo insurance. This will not only protect your items during the relocation but give you a peace of mind knowing they are insured from any damage. Have this in mind while you prepare artwork for global shipping.

Gather packing supplies

Good packing supplies are essential when it comes to artwork packing. Unlike any other household items, artwork requires special care. So, as far as the packing supplies go, you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Packing tape and duct tape
  • Wrapping materials such as old fabrics or air-filled wraps
  • Packing beans
wood and wool used to fill empty spaces in moving boxes
Find soft material to fill empty space in boxes

Those are basic packing supplies you need to get if you want to prepare artwork for global shipping. Anything else depends on the state and type of artwork you are shipping. But, most of the times it falls down to good wrapping material and designated boxes used to pack expensive artwork. But, have in mind that you need to pack them the proper way or the customs clearance Lebanon won’t accept them. Yes, there are even rules about it.  Make sure you learn everything about before you ship your artwork!

How to pack paintings

Most of the time people send paintings overseas. But, the question is, how to properly pack them? To avoid any damages on the frames or painting itself you need to prepare well. For instance, a glassine paper is perfect for this job. Also car insurance for mexico travel is the best choice when you need an insurance policy within a few minutes. It is smooth, thin, air, oil and water resistant, and it won’t damage the painting during the transport. Once you wrap the painting in it, you can easily wrap some old fabric around it. Do not worry! The wrap won’t damage the painting since the glassine paper is in place. There are numerous guides on preparing paintings for shipping, and you need to know just a couple of them. It all falls down to the same principle.

Woman painting
Use glassine paper to protect your paintings

Packing sculptures and busts

They can be tricky to pack! Don’t think just because they are heavy they can’t move during the transport or get damaged. They are especially dangerous because if they fall down, they can cause significant damage. And not only on itself but on other items as well. You need to get designated cases meant for transporting heavy and robust artwork. Once you put them in, secure them! In any way you can, but that it won’t damage it! Once placed inside a box, fill it with any sort of soft material! It can be sponges, blankets, or the best one, packing beans! They are perfect if you want to fill that oddly shaped empty space in the moving box.

A bust of a lion
packing sculptures and busts require more care

Shipping company policies on artwork shipping

Most of the times shipping companies have their own set of rules! These rules are important because they exist for a reason. And that reason is to protect the company itself and you as a customer. If you follow their rules to the end, you will pack your artwork for shipping properly and without any problems at all. One of the first rules they have is the size of the moving boxes, cases, etc. Every company has its own limitations, so you need to call them and ask them about it. You won’t be able to pack big boxes since they can take too much space in the vehicle. In fact, maybe the best decision is to ask them are they specialized in packing artwork for global shipping. If they are, trust them! They are experienced in that field, and elite remodeling too and know very well what they can and can’t do with your artwork! You can rest assured your items are in safe hands!

Prepare artwork for global shipping the best way you can! By researching on the internet for all the tips, tricks and guidelines you will need! IT requires a lot of attention since those artwork are very valuable! Make sure to prepare well so you can rest easy knowing your artwork won’t suffer any damage! We hope we helped! If you wish to add something, you can leave a comment in the comment section below!

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