How to pick the right shipping company?

If we are to discuss how to pick the right shipping company, we need to identify more than one thing. What does it mean to pick the right shipping company? When compared to some 10 years ago, shipping companies were not as frequent. And those that did exist were mainly used internally by large corporations. Today, things change. There are shipping companies that are at your entire disposition for any and all you may need. The right shipping company is going to be the one that can address all that you indeed may need. So, which shipping company would be the ‘right’ one?

The one that can answer all the questions you might have. There are not many shipping companies in Lebanon that can answer this call. Fortunately, we can. And we can also freely say that we are the right shipping company for you. Why? What makes us right? This is something that we are going to discuss throughout this article. But rest assured, whatever your shipping needs may be – we are most likely capable of facilitating it.

Do you want to pick the right shipping company?

Before you can proceed to think about which shipping company is right for you, you need to ask yourself some other questions. What type of shipping company do I need? This is the real question for you. Before you are able to analyze which company you need, you have to have a perfect understanding of what your actual needs are. This means several elements that you need to address in your search.

The first thing you have to know is how big and how many items you need to be shipped. This will dictate plenty, and this alone will narrow down your options significantly. Not all shipping companies are able to cover each format of items that you wish to have shipped. Having this said, not all companies will be able to adapt their services to said parameters. Also, if you have any valuable items that you want to ship, check out our guide on protecting valuable items when moving abroad.

The second thing you wish to look into is how soon you need your items delivered.

The third and absolutely most important segment is safety. Regardless of what value your items have, you want them delivered safe and sound. They could be of material value, or they could be of sentimental value. Either way, a value is a value, and we all want our value protected as best as possible. Having these three traits combined, and finding them all at once will mean that this is what you need. This answers how do you pick the right shipping company. You can always check out some of the world’s largest container shipping companies and use them for your research.

Ship in a port
There are many shipping companies. Your research will show which is the best one!

Finding all the parameters

But, how do you know whether a company has what it takes to be the right one? If you want to pick the right shipping company, how do you begin your search?

Let’s say that you have a perfect grasp over what your needs are. However, this still begs the question – how do you search for a shipping company after that? Fortunately for all of us, we live in the age of the internet. Any type of information that you could end up needing can be easily tracked down online. Finding the right shipping company is no different. However,  before you start fishing for one, you need to have a perfect understanding of your needs. The rest is search & contact. This is the best way to do it. You will find information about the best international shipping companies in Lebanon easily.

How to pick the right shipping company? Use internet
The Internet is a powerful tool for research

Find a top 3 and get in touch

The first stage in your shipping company hunt is making a selection of top 3. Look online, visit their websites and see what they are all about. Once you have the top three, we highly advise that you call them all. Be very specific about what you need and try to describe everything in as much detail as you can. This will give us a very important perspective on what you need, when and how.
Once you do get in touch, make sure to ask a lot of questions.

The more questions you can ask – the better. It is important for the shipping company to have a crystal clear understanding of what it is that you exactly need. Furthermore, once you provide them with all the asked for details, they are to give you an estimation in return. If you are moving from Lebanon to the U.S. there are things you should know and should read up on.

This estimation is something you should get for all three companies that you are going to contact in order to be able to compare the three prices. If they all offer the same thing, but one charge 20% than the others… Well, you go to the one that doesn’t!

3 horses playing on a field
Any of the top 3 will serve you well but you get to choose!

Look for feedback

The thing is if people had a bad experience they tend to get very vocal about it online. This type of industry is no different. Try to visit some of the countless chat rooms and forums where people exchange their experience with a certain company. Try to dig this out and figure out what the company you wish to choose is all about.

Read reviews and try to spot if they are paid for reviews or actually genuine ones. If the place is legit even I might give it a go! If you want to be better prepared to avoid moving scams, read up on it.

Have a full understanding of what you need, analyze the market and compare the prices. Do all of this and you will be able to pick the right shipping company in no time!

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