How to pack antique furniture for shipping

When you decide to move, you will be surprised by all the things you have to do. It just adds up, day by day, item by item. And then you realize that you need to move your antique furniture as well. This is hard whether you are moving locally or long distance. Thankfully, there are cargo companies in Lebanon to help you with your relocation. Taking professional help whenever you can is a good idea because they are well aware of all the risks and possible problems that may arise. They will also save you the hassle if you do not know how to pack antique furniture for shipping. However, some of you may not have a budget big enough to accommodate packing as well. This is why we have created an article just for you, and we will cover everything there is to know about packing antique furniture for shipping. 

Packing antique furniture for shipping

Antique furniture is a special piece of furniture in your home. It was probably passed down from generation to generation and hold a lot of valuable memories. You need to pay special care when something drastic happens in your life, such as moving. Your antique furniture needs special care, same as when you are doing fine art shipping. Therefore, you need to be properly organized when conducting your move. Proper organization is vital to everything in life and that applies to moving as well. The best thing you can do is create a moving checklist. Your moving checklist should contain everything from day one to unpacking at your new home. One of the points in your checklist should be: “Pack antique furniture for shipping”. Make sure that you place it somewhere on the list where it fits you the most. The order of doing moving-related activities is important as well so the checklist should reflect your organization.

antique furniture
Think about all the risks that may arise when you ship antique furniture.

Planning ahead

This is another important part of your move and it should be on your checklist. You should go to your new home and measure the dimensions of all the doors or windows. Then you should measure your antique furniture in order to see if it can fit through. You need to plan the safest route from your old home to the new one for your furniture. Try to imagine where to put your antique furniture in your new home. It is a good idea to see where they fit the most so you do not have to move them a couple of times before you find the perfect place for them. It is also a good idea to see if the temperature and humidity won’t harm your antique furniture. Take a dehumidifier or turn on the air conditioner on before you start unpacking your antique furniture.

How to pack antique furniture for shipping

Now let us get on with the packing itself. It is a hard process and do not be ashamed if you need help with packing and crating. Professionals from different shipping or moving companies are quite adept with handling antique furniture and you can trust them. They are using the best packing material you can find and their years of service filled with many a satisfied customer prove just that. However, if you did not prepare your budget for hiring additional moving help, you need to do it alone. We will list some advice made by experts and hopefully, it will help you pack your antique furniture for shipping.

antique sewing machine
Some antique items may be harder to handle

Disassemble your antique furniture

Many pieces of furniture can be disassembled. This is very important if the doors and windows in your new home are not big enough for your furniture to fit through. If you do not know how to disassemble your furniture when moving home, try to find the instruction manual, or look for some tips online. Try to remove any items that can be removed. This includes doors, drawers, glass panels, legs, etc. A table can fit through any door if you can remove its legs. And that antique desk you own will be much easier to transport without the drawers adding extra weight. You should also try to fix all the parts that are not secure enough. Visit If your antique closet has a loose door on one side, you should try to fix it. If not, make sure to secure it properly with packing paper or plastic wrap.

Packing and adding protection to your antique furniture

When you pack antique furniture for shipping, you need to make sure it has enough protection. Experts suggest that it is best to cover your furniture in three layers of protection.

The first one is surface protection where you wrap the furniture in packing paper, plastic wrap, old sheets, and other types of wrapping material in order to protect your furniture from surface damage.

The second one is protecting it from any bumps and vibration that can happen during the relocation. This is when consolidated shipping comes to mind. Visit for more info. It means that your items will be safely tucked in inside the container, with little to no room for it to budge. To ensure added protection, it is smart to reinforce it with pillows and other soft cushioning so it does not fall apart during shipping.

The third layer of protection is the outer protection or a thick outer shell. This is best done when placed inside a crate or a big box. Make sure that the box is perfectly sized for the antique furniture piece. If it is not, add extra cushioning and wrapping material so you can secure it better.

pack your antique cupboard for shipping
Your antique furniture needs to be packed properly!

To conclude

So, we have covered everything from preparing for your move to packing antique furniture for shipping. We hope that this advice was helpful to you and we want to wish you good luck in your moving endeavor! If you forget about something, you can always read this article again!

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