How to organize a shipping container

If you are into the shipping business then you must be aware of the best ways to organize a shipping container. There are many things you have to consider if you want your shipment to arrive in perfect condition. There is the notion of getting the right shipping container for the shipment. You also have to think about getting a good shipping company. Well, we have created this article with the help of some of the best cargo companies in Lebanon so you can be sure that everything listed here is good advice. You will know how to organize your shipping container in no time! So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Organize a shipping container the right way

The first thing you should do is arranging the shipping container. This process should be pretty easy to do because you can rent them online. Then you should determine which size of a container you will need. There are 20 foot and 40 foot containers. In addition to the size, there are a couple of types of shipping containers for you to consider. All of this depends on the cargo you want to ship. If you have larger bulks of items, get the 40 foot one. If you have a smaller shipment, get the 20 foot one.

organize a shipping container with professional advice
Make sure to hire a skilled shipping company

Make sure to check out all the types of shipping containers you can rent. If you are shipping a construction vehicle, then you will probably need a container with an open roof. In addition, if you are shipping medicine or art or any other type of item that requires climate control, get a climate-controlled shipping container. With all of that out of the way, let’s get down to organizing your shipping container!

Preparing your cargo for loading

When you check out what type of container you need, and place the order, you need to prepare for the packing process. Packaging your cargo properly is of utmost importance. You do not want anything to get broken before it arrives. Make sure to pack everything and do everything we will list before your sea freight Lebanon company arrives.

Getting boxes

The first thing you should do is get boxes. The best thing you can do when getting boxes, is to get different sized ones. This will allow you to be much more space-efficient when organizing a shipping container. Affordable hvac services you can get at company in California. When you get different sized boxes, you will be able to stack them in a way that there will be no space left for tumbling inside the container. You should put the bigger and bulkier boxes on the bottom, and the smaller and lighter ones on top. You will also be able to fill the gaps with smaller boxes. This method is called the “Tetris” method and it is used by moving and shipping companies worldwide.

Make sure to get enough boxes

Packing your cargo

The boxes can be used for packing smaller items such as general household items, books, and so on… Bigger boxes or specialized ones can be used for your furniture and some bigger appliances such as the refrigerator. You may even use wooden crates for shipping larger items. You should also use a lot of air-filled wrap and shipping blankets. Putting shipping blankets inside the boxes and then putting your items will prevent tumbling and your items getting damaged for no reason. After that, you should tape the boxes securely. Before you tape it, lift the box and shake it lightly. If the items inside do not move, that means that you succeeded in packing.

Make sure to put label everything by room or by item type. The best way you can keep track of your items is by selecting colors for each room or item type. Before that, you should make an inventory. An inventory will help you be organized in the whole endeavor. It will also help you when you are unpacking because you know which box contains which items. You should write down the contents of each box in your inventory. Besides the contents of the box, you can say which color corresponds with which box.

When you pack everything, make sure to arrange all the boxes in the loading order.

Organizing your shipping container

When shipping days come, your shipping company will come and put everything in the container. Make sure to get everything out of your Lebanon storage and pack it for shipping. You can also load everything yourself, just make sure to convey that message to them beforehand. Find work comp lawyer near me at, California. Call your friends to help you with the loading process because it will be too much for one person. Just be prepared, the loading process will not be easy nor short. Statistics show that the 20 foot container takes about 3 hours to load, and the 40 foot one takes 6 hours depending on the type of shipping container.

Look up the best shipping companies

As we have previously stated, you need to stack the boxes efficiently. Take the biggest ones that are the heaviest parts of your cargo and put them on the far end of the container. Then you should put lighter items and boxes on top of them. Make sure to distribute the weight evenly, so do not just put heavy items in random order. You have to weigh all of your boxes beforehand and know how to distribute the weight equally. A great idea is to put books and other sturdy items on the bottom. Fragile items like picture frames and glassware should be on top of them and it is good practice to secure them by using more shipping blankets or tape.


When you are conducting a move by using a shipping container, these are the guidelines you have to know. If you forget something during your packing process, feel free to reread the article and follow the advice. With all that said, good luck with your packing and shipping process!

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