How to make an ideal moving plan?

Don’t get misled by the title. Frankly, there is no such thing as an ideal moving plan. There are, however, some really good ones. These good ones can be considered almost ideal. But, the fact remains – moving plan is the most important thing you can make. If you wish your move to be successful, that is.

Each move has too many variables. Mess up one of them and you might be in trouble. This is why the best thing you can do for yourself is to start planning your move well in advance. If you do so, you will have enough time to make a moving plan. This moving plan will be essential! You will follow it to the letter, and if you do, you should be alright. Just be careful. You can’t anticipate everything. And this is fine. However, you can prepare for all situations.

Making a moving plan

Before you can actually go ahead and make one, what does one such plan consist of? It’s actually quite simple. But at the same time – it isn’t. Sounds simple?

All joke aside, this plan should consist of a series of questions you should be asking yourself. The answers to these questions will eventually take shape of a move plan. If you know the answers to such questions – you will know the direction you wish to take your move to. So, what are these questions?

Should I hire professional moving assistance

The first question. The timeless one. Should I do it myself or should I hire professional moving assistanceSpoiler alert – the better choice is always the second one. Unless you are extremely experienced at moving, which most people aren’t. And why should they be?

A proper moving plan should be executed by professionals.
Hiring professional moving assistance is key to success.

Knowing how to organize and plan a move is not listed among the top ten most desired skills to have. It’s one of those things… Even though you probably could do everything on your own, it’s always easier to hire help. And for a good reason!

Still, ask yourself. Do you want to make it a DIY project or do you want to put everything in the hands of trained, experienced professionals? I know I’d always choose the latter.

Having a timeline is extremely important

As the title suggests, making a moving timeline is of vital importance. So is having a schedule. This way you will disallow any type of procrastination. In all the years we have been in the business, procrastination is the doomsday of every move. If you can avoid that – your move is already 70% successful.

And no, we do not exaggerate. The worst thing you can do is wait until the last minute thinking you can do everything in a day. You would be surprised just how many things you cannot do in one day. The biggest enemy of all moves.

The timeline should be quite simple. Create weekly tasks and make deadlines for them to be each Friday. This way you know exactly what’s on your plate for that particular week and you can get at it. Hopefully, each Friday you will have a huge chunk of work done.

The budget

There is no moving plan without a planned budget. Everything else falls into the water if you are uncertain about how much resources you have at your disposal. Based on this budget you will be able to plan everything else.

There is no moving plan without a budget plan.
Plan the budget – plan the move!

This budget will help you plan what type of moving assistance you can hire if you’re going to go down that road anyway. Furthermore, this budget will help you see what potential issues you might have. If you are lacking somewhere, better know well in advance so that you can address it properly.

Finalize the list of things you will do

There are certain things within your move that you will do. This is with our without hiring professional moving assistance. This usually comes down to packing. Most people like to pack their belongings themselves. Furthermore, they would then hire a team of professional movers to take care of the rest. But packing is somewhat of a personal process, and people usually wish not to entrust it to anyone.

Needless to say that, if you do wish to outsource this task, most moving companies have packing servicesMe, personally, I prefer packing my own stuff. However, my sister is the one who prefers to do nothing. The more free time she can have – the better!


While we are at the topic of packing, there is one element to packing that I always enjoy. Recycling. Learn more on site how does housekeeping software work? Usually, when you start packing you discover tons of clothing that you really never use anymore. It has been locked down, deep inside a cellar or a garage. Sitting there for years. You are not really going to pack those things, are you?

This is a prime moment to get in touch with the humanitarian within you. There should be a large number of shelters and hospitals that would love to take those clothes off your back. You’d both declutter your home and do a good deed, all at once!

Minimizing stress

The point of having an elaborate moving plan is to reduce the amount of stress you face during a move. It doesn’t really matter how many times you do it – it usually gets stressful every time. The move plan removes some of the things you worry about, and if they make the move even 10% more bearable – they did the trick!

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