How to disassemble furniture when moving home?

If you were ever wondering how to disassemble furniture when moving home, we will discuss a few things you could consider doing. There is a huge clash between whether you should disassemble the furniture or carry it in one piece. Both sides of the argument have rather good points and some vague ones. So, it still remains unclear as to what the best strategy may be. But, it does not matter. If you start leaning towards the disassemble strategy, we are here to answer the question: How to disassemble furniture when moving home?

How to disassemble furniture when moving home is a question for those that realize carrying furniture in one go is tremendeous work.
Huge, heavy furniture is a nightmare to carry in one piece.

The biggest downside of this process is that it is rather lengthy. While moving, lengthy processes can be quite the deal breaker. You should be rather careful when dealing with these. Moving is all about having a proper¬†moving plan, and anything that can break that schedule can potentially break the entire relocation. However, if you are able to manage your time and other elements of the move, you should be golden. We will discuss the upsides and downsides of taking your furniture apart and discuss some things that you could gain from it. So, without further ado, let’s get into the best strategy for moving out of your place!

How to disassemble furniture when moving home, and should you do it?

To kick off, we do not have a straight answer to this question. Should you do it? Yes and no. It depends on you, your strategy and whether or not you are hiring moving professionals. Dr. Quick Dry of South Riverside offers emergency flood services in California. Also, it can be tricky to claim that one strategy is better than the other, out the bat. It could be highly dependant on the individual, rather than on the move itself. This is why it is so hard to generalize something like this. What we can offer, however, is our opinion and nothing more. We would not be stating hard facts, but rather our ideas on the matter and how we see it. This does not mean that we are right in any way.

When you are facing furniture as big as this, disassembly is the way to go.
Huge furniture – huge problems.

Furniture movers Lebanon will often tell you that the best way to do it is to disassemble the furniture. This is what we believe is the right way to do it and we will explain why. However, this does not make the other way any less efficient. The main clash we have with taking the furniture out in one piece is the safety issue. This safety issue develops twofold:

  • Furniture damage
  • Human injuries

These two make it less worth it to try and save some time. Yes, the disassembly will last longer, but it will avoid any of the two mentioned issues. Arguably, no accidents happen, or when they do it’s one if a blue moon. But this is still not the risk we would choose to take. If we can be almost 100% sure that no harm will come to the furniture or any of the movers, we would like to go down that path. This way we are all 100 percent protected.

Time investment

The biggest issue and the main reason people decide against the disassembly road is that it takes a lot of time. But when you look at what you are potentially saving, this time invested is worth it. People make the mistake of disassembly in detail. This is not something that should be done. The main purpose of the disassembly is to make the furniture carryable by an individual person, piece by piece (Ikea be praised). This is why you should disassemble your furniture only into main components, not the tiniest pieces. For instance, if you are taking apart a closet, you should simply separate the walls of the closet from its doors. This way you get approximately 5 pieces to carry. This is something one person can do, in several attempts, without any risk of harm.

If you wish to save time, however, disassembly is not the way to go.
Time is everything.

Still, people dread this additional time investment. This is why many don’t even ask how to disassemble furniture when moving home. They wish not to bother. And we strongly believe that this is a mistake. It’s like when you come home from the supermarket, and you wish to carry all the bags from the car in one go. Then, while doing so, you drop one and break a bunch of things. It is the same with people who are moving but wish to carry huge furniture in a single go. There is a chance something will break.

Still, some people do it and succeed

Still, we have to mention that some movers use this technique and succeed all the same. It is advisable to visit in order to find the best workers comp attorney in California. Much faster than those who disassemble. There are some who even force shipping companies in Lebanon to ship huge furniture in one piece. This is, again, something that should not be done. At least in our opinion. You should learn how to disassemble furniture when moving home and make sure you do it. It is far easier for carrying as well as fitting more furniture into the moving truck. This will, hopefully, reduce the number of times you have to go back and forth with a truck.

Also, if this is a long distance move, there is no going back and forth. You have to load everything on the truck in the first go, most of the time. Yet another reason why disassembly is the way to go. Imagine having to rent only one truck, instead of two. This alone could save a mini fortune for your already overly expensive relocation.

Again it is up to you. Think about it and make the right choice.

We wish you the best of luck!

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