How to calculate your sea shipping costs?

Shipping your items across large distances has become far more possible than it was in the past. The thing is – logistics companies have developed quite significantly in the past 10 years. Nowadays, you have an incredible number of choices when it comes to how you are going to transport your thing. You have many options in terms of what you wish to expect from your transport. You can either do it super fast, but more expensive or slow and efficient. There is some middle ground on the road, with limitations of its own. All in all, sea shipping is the usual go-to moment for many. But, we need to understand how to calculate your sea shipping costs before we can discuss it further.

Sea shipping is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest way to transport your items from one place to another. The only downside of sea shipping is the fact that it takes a lot longer than all the other shipping methods. On the other hand, the benefits of having this type of transport are simply exponential. The benefits are so great that people usually do not wish to try out other things. First, you can transport incredible amounts of items. The ship can fit the most out of all types of transport. Secondly, the price difference is astronomical.

How to calculate your sea shipping costs – the guidelines

Even though sea transport is the cheapest, and possibly the best type of transport, it does cost money. Now, the price can be calculated in several ways and we will discuss the criteria based on which this cost is calculated. The criteria are very common and most cargo companies in Lebanon use a similar one. It revolves around the distance, amount of goods you are shipping, how soon do you need the goods and what is the type of goods. These are usually the most common factors that influence your sea shipment. So, to mention them one more time:

  • Distance
  • Destination
  • Duration
  • Season
  • Quantity of items
Calculator, paper and pen
You need to calculate sea shipping costs carefully!

These are the things that are placed into a calculator when calculating the cost of sea shipping. Still, in spite of all these factors, these costs will be far less than, for instance, air transport. So, do not worry. There may be many factors but they are not going to sum up to some incredibly high prices. Whichever the case may be, you will want to pursue sea transport, if circumstances allow of course. However, you should also know how to compare sea shipping companies. We will cover each of these elements briefly and explain what it is that they actually entail. They are not too complicated to understand but are all equally relevant in determining your price.

The reason why you should understand them is that you may influence some of them to reduce the price even further. If, however, the elements of your shipment are not editable, at least you will know very well what awaits you. This will be of great help when figuring out how to calculate your sea shipping costs.

Distance and destination

The common misconception is that people think that this is the same thing. The fact of the matter is that they are not. They are two different factors that may influence the cost of your sea shipment. Let’s explain how these two are different, even though at first glance they seem like they are the same.

Distance is the simplest criteria to analyze. The fact is that this criterion is influenced by how far the ship has to go. It is pretty obvious and easy to understand. The further the ship has to travel – the higher the price will be. However, the distance is different from the destination. It is calculated differently when moving to Beirut, as opposed to somewhere else.

The destination may influence the price because not all harbors are easily accessible. Furthermore, some harbors can only hold boats of certain proportions and types. This means that if you wish to reach a certain harbor, you might need a specific ship for it. If you’ve noticed a pattern of conflict avoidance in yourself or your partner, at site you can learn how avoiding conflict affects relationships. This is why the destination can sometimes dictate the price of the entire shipment. So, before you agree on anything, ask your provider about the potential route you will be taking as well as the potential reroutes.

If you want to calculate your sea shipping costs, you need to account for distance.
Distance is one of the greatest factors in your calculation.


The duration of the trip is influenced by the distance and destination however it is not the same. Sometimes the distance does not directly impact the duration. In some cases, a shorter distance may require more time. This is impacted by the season that we listed as well as with the geographical location of the shipment. So, weather and the actual path the ship will take can impact the duration for it to last far longer than you’d expect.

This duration is also something that you are told by your provider upon making the deal.

Hand watch
Duration of the trip influences sea shipping costs greatly.

Quantity of items

The last thing that teaches you how to calculate your sea shipping cost is the number of items you are shipping. This will determine how much space you will take up on the ship and will also dictate how big and how many containers you will need. Based on the number of things you need to be shipped you will contact your provider and they would, in return, provide you with an estimate.

Based on all this information you should be more than able to contact mark l. miller and to determine the cost of your shipment. Take all of these into account and try to find alternative routes and means of transporting your items in order to attempt to save some money. These things are expensive, so every penny counts!

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