Guide to storing vehicles long-term

During the process of the move, there are numerous things to think about. For example, you decide to move to Beirut or to send your shipment to Beirut. Tricky isn’t it? You will need to move all of your belongings and maybe find a way of storing vehicles long-term when moving your entire home there. How can you do it?

To-do list

  1. Set a deadline for your move or shipping
  2. Make an inventory list of all things that you are planning to move
  3. If you are moving to Beirut you will need a permit for living and working
  4. Check what documents to you need to get for your shipment
  5. Research and choose the right moving and shipping company
  6. Set your mind on the deadline
  7. Communicate
  8. Try to relax

Choose the right moving and shipping company

The first and essential thing to do, before your plan for moving or sending a shipment starts to take place, is to choose the right and reliable moving and shipping company that has experience in shipping overseas. Think no more! You can rely on us. There are many international shipping companies in Lebanon, but not every shipping company can provide you what we can. Because we are swift and we are punctual!

The rich opus of our services is well known in transportation waters and with our satisfied clients.

Become our client and you will not be alone in this complicated process.  We will save your time and money. Where to start? All you need to know is from where’s the shipment going, to where is the shipment going to and the date that you have planned for shipping.

Storing vehicles long-term

Choosing the right and licensed moving and shipping company, there is a very important thing that you mustn’t forget in the whole process of it. You need is to decide what you are going to do with your vehicles and other personal property and real estate.

storing vehicles long-term - a storage facility
The best protection – storing vehicles long-term

Let’s imagine that you are planning to move them too, then you will need to find a way of storing vehicles long-term. In that way, your vehicles will be stored long term from moisture, vermin, devastation, and damage.

Before storing vehicles long-term comes preparation 

Storing vehicles long-term implies preparation for storing. Preparation includes inspecting the vehicle and checking the entire of the vehicle for any damages. The vehicle will be accepted in the condition as it is. That is a fact. When it is fully inspected, the vehicle will be properly covered with protecting wrapper which is water-resistant and unbreachable. So, you can count on safe transportation arriving at your destination.

Find storage

When your shipment arrives finally at the expecting destination, you will have to know what to do with it. This specific moment you need to arrange in front. One of the safest solutions that we can recommend is to arrange storage which is placed near the port.

Our secure storage Beirut will guard your assets as it was our own. Therefore, we have a storage controlled unit and a warehouse, depending on the size of your shipment. Have in mind that your shipment will fully be insured while it is in our warehouse or storage. That is why storing vehicles long-term is safe. This especially if you are moving overseas, from another continent to another. Your shipment needs to change the various type of transportation, perhaps even every type of transportation by air, land, and sea.

Storing vehicles long-term will be arranged for a market price and be sure that you are going to get good value for your money.

overview of a port
Ways for storing vehicles long-term-secure storage

See where your shipment is

You will feel much safer and calmer if you know where and when your shipment will arrive at the destination or unfortunately sank on the bottom of the Mediterranean sea. Because even that scenario happens. With our service which includes tracking your shipment, you will have information at all times, regarding the exact whereabouts of your shipment. You can track your shipment where ever you are, from your phone or computer. So, very easy and comfortable don’t you think?

Get the right documents for storing vehicles long-term

In the process of moving, that includes different type of transportation, several documents need to follow that shipment. Let’s take that your shipment is going to Lebanon. Because your shipment is changing transportation and the shipment is going from land to sea and land again, you will need help to keep control over transportation.  Our service can provide you communication and document escort. Especially, when it comes to shipping and storing vehicles long-term.

If our destination is Lebanon, the most important thing is to visit and get customs clearance Lebanon. We are talking about freight forwarding service Lebanon. Proudly, we can say that using this kind of service, you won’t’ be dealing with invoices for storage or warehouse, customs documents that need to be consolidated with country’s legislation and regulation, insurance of the shipment that needs to cover the damage in case something happen to your shipment.

desktop computer
Track your shipment

Customs documents are very difficult to make and you will need knowledge of the local legislation and regulation, language and a great amount of time and money to achieve that. Customs documents can differ, depending on the part of the world from are your shipping, to where are you shipping to. So, this is where we come to act and take over. As you can see, our freight forwarding service is very significant in the process of moving or just shipping goods.

Have a firm partner in your quest for finding the safest and the best way to get your shipment to the right destination at the right time. So, that must be essential for you. Contact us, tell us your dilemmas, ask us questions. Remember, no question is stupid, odd or forbidden. Submit the request and get a free estimate now!

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