Guide for using storage container pods

If you need to move or you simply need another storage option, then look no further! We have prepared a short guide about using storage container pods. Storage container pods are practical and easy to use. They can help you save a lot of time and space when moving. Here you will find everything you need to know about them.

What are storage container pods?

Storage container pods are large containers used for storage while moving or when needed. They range from 12x8x8 to 16x8x8 feet. When moving or storing a single room or two, the 12-foot container is the best choice. When moving or storing more than two rooms, then the 16-foot container is the way to go. They are fully waterproof and you don’t need to worry about snow or rain. Moreover, your items are perfectly safe while inside the container pod.

many container pods
Container pods are a great way to pack large shipments.

Usually, storage container pods get delivered right to your address. Thus, you are free to store your items inside before the move or before renovation. Moreover, if you only need to renovate your home, using storage container pods is recommended. They will sit in your backyard while you are doing everything that needs to be done inside the house. You can then simply retrieve the items and the job is done!

Using storage container pods

We have mentioned that using storage container pods does not require you to do anything except store items inside. Whether you want to move or not, storage container pods are quite useful. Accessing storage containers is quite easy. Moreover, you can order them anywhere! No need to worry about your storage Beirut options, for example, you will be covered!

using container pods to ship goods by train
Container pods can be shipped by the railroad as well

Storage container pods function as a portable garage. They can easily fit in your backyard and you can decide what you want to do with them. For example, if you want to move internationally, you can set aside items in your storage container and not worry about anything else. Some moving companies can also be told to transport the container as a whole to a new destination. No need for packing. Using storage containers is quite easy and we highly recommend it!

Other uses for storage container pods

Most of the time, you will be using storage container pods for relocation. However, there are other uses for them as well!

  • Safekeeping – You can use the storage container pods if you are away and fear for some items in your home. Valuables, expensive paintings, et cetera, can all be easily stored there. Storage containers are extremely safe and only the current owner can access them.
  • Disposing – You can store disposable items in the storage containers as well. You can then just dispose of them or sell them to someone who might be interested in buying them. You don’t need to keep them all in your garage or your house.
  • Storing – If you don’t have enough space in your home or in your backyard/garage, you can always get a storage container. This way, you will get a “temporary garage” that will cost you around $110-120 a month. Until you find a solution about what to do with your stored items, this might be your best option!

Using storage container pods for moving

If you don’t want to get your move wrong, you might want to get a storage container pod. This way, you can store the items for the move inside of one, and get in touch with not your own cleaning of The Heights, Houston, Texas to do the move in cleaning or call for a moving company. The prices are much cheaper than hiring a moving company without prepared storage as well. Simply make a list, store the items and let the professionals do all the work. Moving has never been easier.

container pod
Container pods are a great security measure during your move.

Hiring a moving company to move your storage container pod is your best option, as we have already mentioned. How does the process work? It is simple – just call furniture movers Lebanon or anyone else in your location and arrange the move. The company will provide you with the details and if you are happy, they will do the move for you. Life is easy sometimes.

You can also decide to do it on your own. The best method would be to use a storage container pod at the location of the move. This way, your items will be safe until your new house/apartment is ready. Moreover, you can then use the items from your storage container as soon as you move. Usually, when people move, some of the items are unavailable for a while if they bring them along on the day of the move. Your cables, Internet, electricity, water needs to be sorted out first and it is hard to do while your items are stored in a truck. You can simply store them inside a container and settle everything beforehand. This way your items will be ready for use as soon as possible!

Cutting the expenses

Sometimes, cutting expenses is the way to go. By using storage containers you can save more than 30% of what it would have been otherwise. Visit remodel works website to find experienced kitchen and bath remodelers in California. Some companies charge more for full relocation. If you use a storage container pod, the job of the company is to simply relocate the pod. Since storage container pods are highly movable, it costs much less time and resources to do it. Thus, your storage container pod can make it worth your while.

Moreover, only travel expenses remain the same. For example, you don’t need to pay for moving services for packing your belongings inside one of such containers. You can easily do it yourself before the moving company arrives. Or, you can even move the container yourself! The possibilities are limitless, you just need to plan it all ahead!

Overall experience

Of course, the experience depends on the user. Thus, it is of key importance to use the storage container pods well. Be it for moving or for storage, there is nothing better than storage container pods. The methods we have listed are only a few out of many you can come up with on your own. For as long as the company which provides the pods is OK with it, you can use it however you like. The possibilities are endless, remember?

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