Guide for shipping furniture overseas

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to move. This period can really be a hassle. So many things to think about and worry about. The worst thing is that sometimes you will not know where your head is. In order to make the whole endeavor easier, you can hire Boueri Freight Services or consult many guides that have emerged online and offline. They guide you on how to do a specific part of the move. Well, this article is one of such guides. Today we will be talking about shipping furniture overseas. Let’s dive in!

Shipping furniture overseas

As you are probably aware already, furniture is the heaviest and bulkiest items you may want to ship. It is much harder than, for example, clothes or other personal belongings. You just take a suitcase and pack everything up nice and tight, and that is it. When it comes to furniture, things get a bit more complicated. Furniture is heavy and expensive, which means that you want to pack it as best as possible in order to avoid any damage. There are also a couple of ways of handling and shipping furniture overseas. Let’s see how you can go about with this.

Air freight is one of the best methods of shipping furniture overseas
Air freight is one of the best methods of shipping furniture overseas

Air Freight

Air freight is one of the best ways to ship your furniture overseas. This is because it is the most time efficient of all the methods and it is very safe as well. However, all these benefits have made air freight a bit more expensive. One of the most expensive, but also the best furniture shipping companies is DHL. Therefore, it is a good idea to ship your items in smaller bulks instead of shipping everything at once. So if you are moving, you should first send smaller furniture that is the most important, such as your bed. You can also ship small items such as small shelves or coffee tables through air freight. This way it will come out cheaper than sending everything at once.

Sea Freight

Sea Freight is the cheapest way to go about shipping furniture overseas. Another benefit to this is that you can send everything at once, unlike air shipping, where it costs a lot. However, it will take a long time for your items to arrive, so you should make all the arrangements first before you decide upon this course of action. At JWB Family Law website you can find a lot of useful info about California Family Law Professionals. If you are moving from Lebanon, international moving companies Lebanon will most likely give you great deals when it comes to shipping furniture overseas. Just do your research and see what type of shipping fits your needs the most.

cargo ship
If air freight is too expensive for you, consider sea freight

Exclusive container shipping

This is the best way to ship furniture overseas when you have a lot of furniture. It is also called “full container shipping” so do not use this method if you cannot fill the entire container with your furniture. However, if you can, it is the most cost-efficient way to go about this endeavor. Another benefit to this is that the whole container will be your belongings, so you will not have to share the container with anyone else. This reduces the risk of mixing the items up and makes this one of the safest ways to ship furniture overseas.

Groupage shipping

Groupage shipping is when you put your load in a container and then share it with other people’s loads. This is also called shared shipping or less-than-container shipping. This means that you will not need to pay for the full container, but just the amount of space your belongings take up. This is a great way to reduce shipping costs if you do not have a lot of furniture.

shipping containers
Whether you choose a full container or shared shipping, you will get a good deal.

Whatever method you choose, your shipment will most probably be forwarded by an agent, along with many other shipments from other freight companies. This is a great logistical move and is used regularly, so do not be scared when you hear them use the term, consolidated shipping.

Packing your furniture

This is an important step to shipping furniture overseas. You need to make sure that everything is properly packed in order to avoid damage during shipping. One of the best ways to avoid any damage is to leave packing to the professionals. Many shipping companies offer packing and crating services and they have a lot of expertise in this field. Many years of work have left them with many satisfied customers. You can get free on-site estimates here. However, if you find hiring professionals a bit too expensive, you can always do it on your own. But it can be tricky, so we listed what you need to do to prepare for packing.

  • See what furniture is already there in your new home

By doing this, you will make your job a lot easier and cheaper. Take a look at your new home and make a decision on what to bring and what not to bring. There is no point in bringing a cupboard if your new place already has one. If you decide to leave some furniture behind, you can try selling it, or finding storage services.

  • Create an inventory

This is a very important part of planning. By creating an inventory you will know which item is packed in which box. You will also know which box has the contents of each room, provided that you had labeled the boxes accordingly. Another thing you will be able to see when you create an inventory is which items you do not need anymore. Whether it is a duplicate or you have something that fits the role in your new home, you will know what to do with it by creating an inventory.

  • Packing materials

After making an inventory, you need to get the right packing materials for shipping furniture overseas. You will need much more than tape and boxes to do this properly. One of the best ways to pack your furniture is to get furniture blankets, packing paper, and corrugated cardboard sheets.

With all this said and done, you are ready to proceed with shipping furniture overseas. Good luck!

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