Forbidden items for storage

Owning a storage unit is no easy feat. There are many duties and obligations that you need to follow. Not only do you need to pay your storage Beirut on a regular basis, but you also need to take care of it. Cleaning it up now and then is a must – otherwise, you might end up having to deal with mildew and mold. Along with all of this, you need to be very, very careful about what items you actually put in your storage unit. There are some which you just should not put in there, those that the company won’t allow you to put there, and some that are just forbidden by the law. In this article, we talk about the forbidden items for storage. Make sure you have none of these before filling up your storage unit!

Don’t store live things!

One of the most obvious forbidden item for storage is animals and humans. This might seem like a funny thing to mention, but it is very important. You would not believe how many people actually ask about this when renting storage! For example, even if your fish are quite happy in their tank, you cannot put an aquarium with fish in the storage. The same goes for any other pet. Even when you are moving and just need them to sleep somewhere out of the house – a storage unit is not the solution. This also means that you cannot store pelts and similar dead animals in there as well!

owners and their pets are forbidden items for storage
Neither you nor your pets can remain in a storage unit for too long.

Along the same lines, people cannot stay in the storage unit either. Even if Boueri Freight Services Lebanon does have the storage you can access 24/7, you cannot stay there for a longer time. Even if you just need a place to stay overnight – you will need to search for a motel nearby.

Tires are one of the forbidden items for storage

Another one of the popular items that the companies won’t allow you to store are tires. We are talking tires of any type – thin bicycle ones, regular car tires or huge tires you might have. Not only will the tire smell be too overpowering for some people, but there are other reasons why tires are an unwanted thing in most storages.

tires are forbidden items for storage.
You will not be able to store tires in your storage unit.

The main reason, really, is that recycling tires can get quite expensive. Sometimes, people who know this will rent a storage unit, put their tires there and then leave it alone. After not paying their dues, the storage company will take the storage unit and everything in it. This way, a company is left with a lot of tires to recycle – and thus spending a lot of money. To stop this from happening, a lot of storage companies put tires on the lists of forbidden items for storage use.

Flammable and hazardous things need to remain out of the storage

Of course, just like no moving services would allow you to pack combustible, flammable or hazardous materials, so you can find them on the lists of forbidden items for storage units. These materials can be extremely dangerous. Not only can they hard your own items, but they can harm the storage unit itself, as well as nearby units and items in them. Our house cleaning services in Washington are designed to keep pet owners’ homes dirt-free while using mild, toxin-free products. Choose the service you want at site. For this reason, no company will allow you to store them in their units.

These items include gasoline and compressed gas, propane tanks, motor oil as well as different grease, corrosives, and fertilizers. What you might find surprising is that you will also not be able to store any paint and cleaners there, too. So, if you are doing a home renovation, you will need to find another place to store your materials.

Matches are among the forbidden items for storage.
Think about what fire can do to your items before you put them in a storage unit.

Finally, you will not be able to store any chemicals and narcotics, as well as hazardous materials, or toxic and biological waste. Also, make sure that no items you are storing have asbestos, and that your items are not flammable. Because of this, you can’t put fireworks in your storage unit as well.

Perishables and foods are also forbidden items for storage

Finally, there are two groups of items that you might think you can put in your storage, but you will often find you must not. These are perishable items and plants.

First, if something can go bad, then it should not go into the storage. This applies to food and similar perishables. Sometimes, there will be a period where you might not be able to access the storage. Either you leave the city for a while or something happens that stops you from visiting. So, what will happen to the food you left there? It will go bad. This can only attract mold and even some vermin – and you do not want that to happen in your storage.

potted plants
Do not leave your plants to die inside a dark storage unit!

The same thing can be said about plants. They just simply cannot survive the life inside a storage unit. Sometimes, when it is cold outside – the storage can be even colder. Similarly, warm weather will only make the storage warmer. Add to that the fact there inside the storage unit there is no sunlight or water, and your plants are doomed. However, they are also forbidden items for storage because they can also attract vermin as well as insects. In order to stop an infestation from happening, simply do not bring plants or any food into your storage unit.

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