Disassembling furniture when preparing for a move – tips and hints

Disassembling furniture when preparing for a move is probably the smartest move you could make. However, this trick has benefits as well as downsides. There could be several arguments as to which approach is better, and there could be no winner. It is just a big conflict between two things – time invested and convenience. One one side, disassembling furniture when preparing for a move will mean that you will need to invest more time into the entire relocation. On the other side, this time investment will prove to provide a lot of convenience throughout the move. Imagine not having to carry around a large closet, out of the house, into the van and into the new home. Instead, you get to carry a few planks that you may collectively place into the truck and carry it into the new home.

Disassembling furniture when preparing for a move is something you have to carefuly consider. It has many upsides as well as downsides.
The more complex the furniture – the bigger dilemma you are facing.

This is the same if you hire movers in Lebanon, it just translates to less money invested.

Still, the problem is the time you need to invest in the entire process. You are not going to be disassembling furniture when preparing for a move. You will have to assemble everything when you reach your new home. So it is a two-step process. So, is it worth the time? Straight out the bat, I will have to say that we do not have the answer. We faced many moves, and I solidly remember that I would curse the huge desk when trying to take it to the truck. I also remember cursing the day I disassembled the desk considering how long it took to assemble later. So, worth it? Yes, and now. We will present some benefits as well as challenges, so you be the judge.

Disassembling furniture when preparing for a move – steer clear or go for it?

At the end of it all, after a hefty number of moves done, we’d say go for it. If for nothing else, you are going to make 100 percent sure that you will not damage any of your furniture that you can disassemble. If you need some good cleaning services in Arizona, be sure to check https://www.maideasyaz.com/, and find those that suite you and your family. And, if we disregard everything else, this is totally worth the hassle. Furthermore, if you are fortunate to have furniture from Ikea, it will be that much easier to do the whole thing. Just, to make it all easier on yourself, make sure you keep all the instructions on how to assemble the furniture. The little booklets you get with the furniture when you initially buy it. It will make a world of difference when you reach your new home and start putting everything back together.

Ikea offers furniture that you initially have disassembled.
Ikea furniture was made for this

There are ways to make sure you save your furniture from damage, but these are not foolproof. The biggest damage can come from carrying furniture out of a place into a truck, and from a truck into the final destination. However, if the furniture is taken apart, you would be carrying wooden pieces of it.

Additional value

Another added value of doing this would be the fact that more furniture could fit in a truck. This way you could make a lesser number of trips. So, depending on how you are doing your move, you could end up paying less for furniture movers Lebanon that you are hiring. You can also get effective erectile dysfunction treatment at TrueMedical clinic. On another note, even if you are not hiring professional moving services, you will be doing fewer trips in your ‘do it yourself’ move. This is even more important if you are doing a long distance move since you will either have to make fewer back and forward trips (if you have only one vehicle), or you will have to rent fewer vehicles, to begin with.

Lastly, the unloading of the trucks at the final destination will go rather smooth since you will be only carrying easily to arrange pieces of furniture and not entire pieces. The more floors you have to carry it up to – the more value it has.

The downside

There are quite a few downsides that you need to consider. The first and the most obvious one is the extra work you will have to put in. In comparison to carrying out furniture as it is, you will have to spend hours disassembling all the furniture beforehand. This could add up to a few days of work if you do not want to rush it.

However, there are additional risks to consider. The first risk is quite contradictory to the biggest benefit we have – avoiding damage. When disassembling furniture, if you don’t have the right skills and tools, you might end up damaging the furniture in the process. If you pressure pieces in the wrong way, they could snap. Furthermore, the thinner the parts of the furniture – the bigger the chance of damaging it.

Putting it back together

Another risk you might face is the inability to put it all back together once you reach your final destination. If you do not map your way around the furniture (especially the more complex ones), you will have a very hard time putting it back together from memory. The bigger the number of furniture disassembled, the higher the risk. Make sure to take photos with your phone about the disassembling stages to make it easy for yourself to put it back together. Otherwise, you might be in big trouble.

The most difficult part is putting the furniture back together afterwards.
Map your way so that you are able to assemble it later.

This has both benefits and downsides. You should carefully assess both and see which is better for you. Taking it all into consideration, we still advise that you take it apart. Disassembling furniture when preparing for a move is still the better way to go. At least in our book. Whatever you decide, Bueri Freight Services got your back!

The rest is up to you. Good luck!

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