Best Packing Materials to Use

Packaging companies in Lebanon certainly use the best packing materials in moving business  However, you can try to organize packing on your own. Some materials are more better, some are not so good. In cases when your moving is shorter distance, you can prepare and organize it without much effort. So let’s see which materials you can use in moving.

  • The first role of the excellent packing material is protection – it should protect your stuff, but also other items in the moving truck;
  • Speaking about the safety, you will surely have robust and heavy items, and proper packing materials will save you from injuries;
  • That availability is something that defines best packing materials – nobody like materials that you cannot find easily and for a low price;
  • For most people price plays the most significant role when choosing packing supplies;
  • Maybe you have planned your moving to Beirut as green move with supplies that protect the environment and the only way to have control over materials used in moving is to organize on your own.

Moving boxes are among the best packing materials
The first thing you should prepare are moving boxes

Luckily, most of the materials are well-known and available to a wide range of users. You can always choose materials that people do not commonly use in packing, like your boxes or suitcases from home. In most cases, you can ask in stores for empty boxes or rent them on the internet.

Protection is in the first place so choose the best packing materials

The first thing that people have in mind when moving should be protection. Not only that you need to protect yourself, but also other items in the moving truck. Also, you should protect the furniture and things that are inside of boxes. There are numerous ways for it, and you can choose the one that most apply to you. Do not forget that sometimes materials could damage furniture if you do not use it properly.

Bubble wrapping

Maybe one of the most popular materials that people use for packing, bubble wrapping is used in almost every type of moving. However, people usually exaggerate with the usage of it, so literally, wrap everything they can in this expensive material. Even though this concerns as one of the best packing materials, you should decrease the usage. It could be great for fine art shipping, but not for book or shoes. You should use stretch plastic instead for these situations.

Packing peanuts

These small peanuts made of Styrofoam is undoubtedly beneficial and protective material for moving. Not only that people use it for protection from damages, but also from humidity. Styrofoam drains water. However, do not forget that it is not biodegradable material, so you cannot use for green moving. Learn the pros and cons of biodegradable packing peanuts usage and make your conclusion. Also, you will need a lot of them for one box.


Maybe the most natural and most available material is paper. If you want to organize moving correctly, you should use new, clean, and non-printed paper for packing. However, customs clearance Lebanon will force you to open the box and remove all documents from the box to check what is inside. In some cases, they will check every piece of paper, too.

Bubble wrapping
You cannot imagine moving without bubble wrapping

Best packing materials keep items on place

Another reason why packing materials are so important is to keep small items on the place. In cases when you need to gather all tiny things, you should choose new and protected boxes. There are cases when it is much better to choose Ziplock bags, for example. Large and sturdy boxes people mostly use for pieces of furniture after disassembling. Whatever it is, make sure that you have chosen the best in class.


It is an excellent sturdy and protective material that many moving companies in RI, use for room additions moving. You can use it as for packing, as well for the protection of the furniture or sides of them. However, one of the most significant troubles with this material happens when it touches the water. It melts and makes a mod.


We know for those silver tapes that people use to protect and close boxes after packing. They call it duct tape, although you can find in many different shapes and colors. Since there are a lot of types and manufacturer that produce it, choose one from the list of fine art shipping. One of the best sides of it is a strength. You can be sure that your boxes are safe after using it. However, it is soft, so not damage a package. You can use it for labeling, too. If you have a lot of boxes, choose the tape gun.

Do not forget that the best packing materials could help in carrying

People usually forget that they will take large and heavy boxes most of the time. Although boxes cannot help in that case much, they can protect items inside from damage. You will not be able to control how you carry or drop box in the truck. Luckily, there is a material which should protect items inside from damage.


You must protect furniture from scratches when moving, but do not forget on the floor. Check here As the floor in the home (the old and the new one) as well for the bottom in the moving truck, you will need proper protection. There are a lot of types of pads, made of rubber or even wood and plastic.

Wrapping paper
Wrapping paper is always good choice

Dolls and hand truck

It is hard to carry substantial pieces of furniture when moving. You cannot control your movements and surely can have serious injuries. To avoid those troubles, use wheels whenever you can. Moving companies have particular hand truck for boxes, but you can make your doll for moving.

Alternative materials

Although the moving company will provide you the best packing materials, you can always use something from the house. You can wrap fragile items in the newspaper (but be careful with the prints, it can leave marks) or use suitcases and old boxes. Do not forget that blankets, towels, and pillows also can protect your stuff in the boxes. Put them on the bottom of every box at the beginning of packing.

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