Benefits of shipping freight by air

Any company or individual looking or ways to send cargo internationally may find themselves in front of a real dilemma. There are many factors to consider before choosing the best way for freight shipping. Most of the international shipping is done by sea or by air. Needless to say, land freight services are limited to the same continents. So how will you choose the best means of transport between sea and air? What factors do you need to take into account? Obviously, there are numerous benefits of shipping freight by air. This is the reason that air freight is the selected means of transport for various industries. Air freight is responsible for the transport of trillions of dollars worth of goods around the world. Perhaps having an insight into some of its advantages will help you decide.

There are numerous benefits of shipping freight by air
Trillions of dollars worth of goods are being transported by air yearly

This is by far the most expeditious shipping method

Time is money, people always say. The sooner your goods arrive at the desired location, the better. And when we talk about the speed of shipping, no other means of transport can match air freight services. Compared to land transport or sea freight, transport of goods by air is significantly faster. So the speed is the first of many benefits of shipping freight by air. And this type of transport is far superior to any other when the time is of the essence for your shipment. The amount of time it takes to complete the service also affects other aspects of shipment. For example, the type of cargo being transferred. Perishable items usually cannot be sent through land freight services, but an air shipment is a possible option here since the items in question will reach their destination faster.

Risk and security standards

During shipping of any kind of goods internationally carries a certain amount of risk. Freight might be damaged or stolen during shipping. Therefore it is only natural to think about safety issues of shipping freight by air. Air freight services take the security of your shipment very seriously. Chances of anything happening to the cargo are minimal since the airport security is very strict. Various strict safety measures are present at each and every airport. These include cargo handling. A possibility of theft is also diminished, especially compared to other types of freight services.  Furthermore, by using air freight services you are allowed to track your shipment and update on its status. This makes all the information about the shipment that you might need easily accessible to you.

Risks of theft are minimal when using air freight services
Airport security is taken very seriously

Reliability of shipping freight by air is unmatched

When thinking about the advantages of a certain type of freight shipping, reliability counts as vital.  And it is safe to say that one of the major benefits of using air freight services is its reliability. Using this type of freight services means being almost certain your shipment will arrive at its destination in time. Even if there is a delay of a particular flight, this can have no effect on the shipment since there is a new flight every hour. This is not the case with sea freight services, for example. Basically, there are virtually no reasons your shipment might be running significantly late when using air freight services. Weather conditions are generally the only thing having a significant effect on air transport. Nevertheless, even bad weather will not cause a meaningful delay in shipping.

Wider destination reach

Using land or sea for freight shipping means having a limited location reach. There is a limited number of places and a slightly narrower network of locations reached by sea or land, unlike the air shipping. Air freight services, such as offered by Boueri Freight Services Lebanon, have a wider destination network. This means a greater number of reached locations. And at the same time, this adds up to a higher number of served customers. This definitely counts as one of the benefits of shipping freight by air. So if you need your goods to reach a destination which is not on a regular route of land or sea transport, there is a solution. Generally, air freight services will meet your needs when it comes to your destination choice.

Consider the bottom line cost

Finally, when we talk about the benefits of shipping freight by air, it is impossible not to mention the costs. The best maid service in Ohio is on adress Cincinnati OH 45242. It is certainly one of the most important issues when deliberating which type of transport to chose for your cargo. People generally consider air shipping to be a costlier option than shipping via land or sea. And they are right to think so. But not all the time. There are several factors which affect the costs of freight services:

  • size of the shipment
  • the weight of the package
  • warehousing fees
  • customs and destination fees

Since shipping freight by sea means using containers, the weight of the package is usually not considered. On the other hand, air freight services calculate a combined measure of size and weight. So, if your cargo is not a bulky one, using air freight services pays off. Warehousing fees are normally lower during air shipping.

You can avoid using containers if you chose to ship by air
Shipping freight by sea means using containers

In the end, it is obvious that the benefits of shipping freight by air are numerous and significant. Of course, you need to consider all the factors that might have an influence on your decision which type of shipping you should choose. If your target factors are speed, reliability, lack of risks and wider destination reach, this means that shipping by air is your clear choice. Cost of this type of transport might be the only downside, however, this is not the rule. There are many exceptions and ways to avoid the high costs of transporting cargo by air.

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