All you should know about dangerous goods shipping

International relocation can be quite difficult to organize. However, with professional freight forwarding services, you can leave most of the tasks to company specialists. They can organize your move and help with packing. In case you decide to pack your belongings without professional mover’s assistance, consider learning more about the items you shouldn’t pack. Keep reading and find out more about dangerous goods shipping.

How to pack for the international relocation?

A successful international relocation comes down to good organization. If you prepare in advance, it will be far less complicated to perform all of the move-related tasks. There are numerous things you should consider before you hire a professional packing service to transport your belongings. Professional relocation specialists advise making a to-do list to stay focused when preparing for the move. Your list may include various tasks that may include:

Reliable moving and shipping companies with experience will provide all the information you may need about packing your belongings.
  • Decluttering your home
  • Sorting out your belongings for packing
  • Finding the best quality moving and shipping company for your needs
  • Getting all the packing supplies
  • Avoiding dangerous goods shipping when packing
  • Changing your address and transferring the utilities, cable, and internet, etc.

Keep in mind that the preparations for your international move may take time. This type of move can get quite complicated if you don’t plan everything the right way. For this reason, you should consider notifying your moving and shipping company about your move at least a month in advance. If you do, professional relocation specialists will have enough time to:

  • Provide an exact moving quote
  • Estimate the moving timeline
  • Set the date of your move and the expected delivery date
  • Pack all of your belongings for shipping
  • Provide important instructions about dangerous goods shipping possibilities

Reasons to use a professional international shipping company?

Not all moving companies specialize in international shipping and can give quality information about dangerous goods shipping. Only the best quality moving companies can provide specialized shipping services that may include shipping of dangerous goods. Most moving companies you contact or hire will provide a list of items they usually don’t relocate. Some of these items require a special license for transport, while others are forbidden for transport by law. That is why moving companies usually list all of the items that can be dangerous of forbidden and provide you with specific additional information for packing.

When it comes to international moves, you should always abide by the rules about dangerous goods shipping that your company’s representative explains. In case, you pack some of the forbidden items with your shipment; you may face additional charges and fines. On the other hand, you may also experience delays in your shipment. Quality moving companies like Boueri Freight Services Lebanon offer numerous packing and crating options for your belongings. Quality movers can pack your belongings and follow the safety measures at all times.

Movers with experience will pack your home while keeping in mind the dangerous goods shipping instructions for your specific destination. Before deciding to hire any moving company for your international relocation, consider that companies with years of experience already know specific import rules and various regulations about all the major destinations and ports. Rules they follow can be different for each region. Only the best moving shipping companies know how to organize dangerous goods shipping if it’s possible.

International and interstate movers know specific requirements for shipping your belongings. Ask them for more information about items they cant relocate before packing.

Dangerous goods shipping list

Usually, dangerous goods shipping rules and regulations list specific items that you shouldn’t pack when moving. Unless you hire a professional international relocation service to organize everything for you, you may have too much on your plate. Professionals can acquire specific permits for specific items, while you should avoid packing certain items if packing on your own. Items you shouldn’t pack and move may include:

  • Flammable items – can be harmful to your moving cargo in many ways. Due to pressure and weather changes, some of the flammable items can get damaged, burst and cause a fire. Cargo carriers that provide specialized shipping services may suffer major damage in that case. That is why you should consult your shipping company before you decide on moving any flammable items.
  • Hazardous items – require special packing methods and specific relocation procedures. Most moving companies may not provide dangerous goods shipping service. For this reason, you should consider the company that specializes in dangerous goods shipping in case you wish to transport hazardous belongings.
  • Plants – Moving plants to another country or a continent may require additional permits and various paperwork. In case you need to transport these sensitive items, your specialized moving service will help you. Keep in mind that plants may require specific packing methods when shipped to a distant location. Only the best-qualified professionals can help you transport different types of plants.
  • Guns and ammunition – You shouldn’t carry a weapon or any ammunition without a special permit. There are strict rules regarding firearms when moving. Consult your moving and shipping company if you need to transport this type of goods to your new location.
  • Machinery that uses fuel and gas to work
  • Items of high value
  • Irreplaceable items that hold emotional value
  • Important paperwork, cash, etc.

Hire a reliable international moving specialist when shipping dangerous goods

Quality shipping carriers will offer numerous shipping options. However, only the best relocation specialists offer dangerous goods shipping options. Those companies have special licenses for this type of relocations. And if you plan to ship any type of belongings overseas, make sure the company you choose has a valid license with FMCSA and experience.

Not all moving companies can transport flammable items.

Next to the official license, the experience is very important. Your movers should be familiar and up to date with all the rules, shipping regulations and requirements. So, before you decide on a moving company that suits your needs, consider if the company offers special dangerous goods shipping options. This way you will relocate your belongings without difficulty.

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