Air cargo rules and restrictions

The usage of air freight has countless advantages. This is why this type of transport is the go-to strategy for many professional logistic companies. There is no mistake about it! However, in spite of this being a very potent tool in many logistical endeavors, it still has some limits. Today, we will discuss air cargo rules and restrictions that you might want to keep in mind when deciding upon whether or not to use these types of services. If you are looking for a company that can provide these services, then look no further then air freight forwarders in Lebanon.

When we speak about air cargo rules and restrictions we consider that you are already aware of the costs that this type of transportation brings with itself. We are talking about other air cargo rules and restrictions that you might otherwise not really think about. This is perhaps due to the fact that this information is not ‘in your face’ as the price would be, for example. This is more of a ‘fine print’ type of ordeal that you need to be careful about. The most dangerous scenario would be if you were to find about this halfway through the process. At that point, you have to adapt, because there is no going back once the items are being loaded into the aircraft. So, bear with us and let’s explore all the potential limitations.

What if the company violates air cargo rules and restrictions

So, first, we need to explore what happens if the other side wrongs you. This, of course, greatly depends on the level of violation. There could be slight discrepancies and large violations that are borderline fraud. To make sure that you don’t get scammed, use a reliable and affordable moving company.

Whichever the case may be, the first thing you should always turn to is the fact that you should be quite well protected with the contract you have made beforehand. If you are reading all of this in advance, do make sure to create a very strong contract that protects you from any type of agreement violation.

Inexperienced people who don't have much legal knowledge usually let the other side draw up a contract, which can turn out to be quite bad for you.
If you don’t have much legal experience talk to a legal expert, and ask him to draw you up a contract.

So, regardless of whether you are a business or a person, and if you wish to transport larger quantities via airplane, make sure to have solid documentation placed ahead of this shipment. This can include the condition you expect the items to be in. Furthermore, all other pricing and other arrangements need to be put on paper beforehand. This is protecting both parties at all times.

Usual air cargo prices

This is hard to establish as a universal price. It varies greatly from company to company. However, there is one universal factor. Companies will charge extra for anything that doesn’t comply with air cargo rules and restrictions. These lists of items should be communicated to you from the getgo by the air freight company.

However, if they fail to do so it is your duty to ask beforehand. If you ask, and they wish not to comply with a response you should probably consider other options. This means looking for a different company since no air freight business should keep information from you. If this happens it seems like it is a shady business, and you should do all in your power to avoid it.

Not knowing how much money air freight is going to cost, can turn out quite ugly as the cost can go really high,
Find out what are the costs beforehand, or you might end up being practically extorted.

One thing remains certain. Regardless of the prices that can occur, you should never attempt to move larger amounts of dangerous and fragile goods without professional assistance. And this professional assistance comes at a price, unfortunately. So, in some situations, your hands are tied.

The good thing is that if you provide the company with enough details about the goods you are transferring, they should be able to provide you with an exact price for the deal. Visit in order to find used car buyers in California. This way, if you contact multiple companies, you will have prices that you can compare and choose the right company for you.

Air cargo rules and restrictions – most important ones

Regardless of how experienced you are, and how many times you’ve done it, each time you plan a shipment you have to know beforehand whether or not this shipment complies with the international regulations. There is a very specific classification called “dangerous goods”, and the goods you wish to transfer might fall into this category.

Some of these dangerous goods are known globally. Some of these rules are universal. Thanks to this you will be able to keep track of what is universally known as dangerous goods. Based on this, you will evaluate the items you have for shipment and decide whether they fall into this category.

Air cargo rules and restrictions can are being constantly updated, so make sure that you have the latest information.
There isn’t a definitive list of forbidden items, so double check and triple check to see what you can ship by air.

Some examples are:

  • liquids that include acid, aerosol, pesticides, ethanol and many other ingredients marked as flammable
  • Tools and equipment that have oil and gasoline within them
  • Car batteries, ion batteries and other types of chemical batteries. This can lead to explosions due to air pressure

This is just to name a few. You get the idea as to which direction the dangerous items go. Flammable and potentially explosive substances will always find themselves on lists that prohibit them from air shipping.

Identifying dangerous goods

So, in order to identify whether you are in the clear or not, there are several things you can do. First, you could inspect the label on the item and look for the diamond shape on the container. If seen, this is classified as a dangerous good.

You could also look for the UN number. This code starts with the letters UN and contains a combination of 4 digits. Once located, it could tell you more about the item itself and its potential hazards. But, if you want to leave the checking in the hands of the professionals then hire one of the Lebanon cargo companies.

Another way to inspect this is using the Material Safety Data Sheet online. This database is filled with products that are potentially hazardous and most likely banned by air freight companies.



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