Month: December 2019

Tips for packing mechanical parts for shipping

Whether you are a shop owner, or just want to move house, you need to know how to pack mechanical parts for shipping. This is an essential skill to know when you want to move automotive or computer parts from storage Beirut. We will talk about the ways to pack and ship mechanical items indepth in this article and you will be ready for your shipping endeavors. So, tips for packing mechanical parts for shipping! Let’s go!

packing mechanical parts for shipping can be tricky
Packing parts for shipping can be tricky

Packing mechanical parts for shipping – what’s to know?

When you want to pack some more fragile items, there are a lot of things you have to know. You need to know the properties of every single item, and what is the best way to pack it properly. By knowing the properties of each item, you will know what it can withstand and what it cannot. This is how you can make a plan what packing supplies to use for which item and make the whole process faster and easier. Let’s see what you have to keep in mind when packing mechanical parts for shipping.

Getting organized

The most important thing to do when you want to project cargo and ship mechanical items is to be properly organized. Proper organization is vital for everything in life and that applies to packing mechanical parts for shipping as well. The best way to be properly organized is to make a shipping checklist. Your shipping checklist should contain everything from the beginning of the shipping process to the end. This is about packing your items so make that a big item on your checklist. Other than that, your checklist should contain getting the proper packing supplies, finding a reliable shipping company, and whatever else you can think of that you thing will be of use. A checklist will also help you anticipate problems and think of possible solutions in advance. So if that problem arises, you will be prepared.

Making and inventory

The second most important thing when packing mechanical parts for shipping is to create an inventory. You have to create an inventory list that will contain every single item and part you plan on shipping. The best way to do this is by dividing items by type and labeling them with colored stickers. This will help you and freight forwarding companies in Lebanon a lot because you will know which box contains what. So, take everything you want to pack, put them in the box and write the contents of the box on your inventory list.

In addition, you should buy different sized boxes online if you want to pack everything properly. Different sized boxes allow for better packing because you can fit smaller items in smaller boxes, and bigger and bulkier items inside bigger boxes. Another benefit of using different sized boxes is space efficiency in the shipper’s truck or container. You will be able to put the bigger and bulkier boxes on the bottom and they will act as foundation for other lighter boxes. You will also be able to fill the gaps with smaller boxes and make sure nothing is tumbling during the ride.

Getting proper packing supplies

If you want to pack your mechanical parts and garage doors for shipping safely, you should get the best packing materials you can at company in California. Good packing materials include, as we have mentioned above, different sized boxes, packing paper, packing tape, extra cardboard, foam nuggets, moving blankets, air-filled wrap, and more. Use all of these in different combinations to see what is the best way to pack something and do not be afraid to experiment. Try different combinations and different order of supplies. For example you can put packing paper and then air-filled wrap, and put it in a box filled with foam nuggets. We will talk about the best ways to pack your stuff, but if you do not like it, you can surely change it up a bit. We will not mind!

Packing the transmission and engine

Even though it is a lot safer to get packing and crating services, it is a lot cheaper to do it yourself. So, get your transmission or your engine and get it ready for packing. The first thing you should do is drain it of all fluids. It is also smart to use a liquid absorbent and wrap it before wrapping it in other packing materials. You should then put it in a moving blanket or air-filled wrap. This will give a lot of security to the engine in the case it starts tumbling inside the box. It will also protect it from scratches and bumps. Furthermore, in regards to tumbling issues, it is a good idea to fill the box with foam nuggets.

The engine is one of the hardest mechanical parts to pack

Packing wheels

When packing wheels, it is a lot easier than packing engines and transmissions. You should take the wheen and wrap it in air-filled wrap and packing paper afterwards. You should also contact cpp home builders & remodeling company in Cape Cod when you want to hire reliable home builders. It is smart to also fill the box with foam nuggets and do not stack the wheels on top of one another if there is no layer of any type of packing material between them. One of the best packing materials you can use as inbetween layers, are foam nuggets, moving blankets, or some extra cardboard pieces. After that you should tape the box safely and label it accordingly.

Secure the wheel with enough packing materials

Packing exhaust system parts

When it comes to packing exhaust system parts, the rules are pretty much the same. You need the wrap the whole thing up in air-filled wrap and packing paper, and secure it with packing tape. However, you also need to make sure to put more focus on the openings. Put more packing materials on the openings in order to be safer and to avoid any damage to these fragile parts.

With all that said, good luck with packing mechanical parts for shipping!